Negligence of the Public Works Department causes grievance to a Goan couple

How is this possible? Even after the strict warning given by the government of Goa to avoid digging roads in Monsoon, the PWD dug it up anyway. Do you know the horrid incident that took place because of the PWD’S silly mistakes?

A couple, Inacio and Andrea Pereira fell into an uncovered dug up place! The couple was travelling on their bike to Bambolim on 6th June when the terrible accident occurred.  Mr Pereira said that while riding he saw a small puddle and rode over it because of less space on the road. However, he did not know that the small puddle could be a devil’s pit.

The Goa Police has filed a complaint against the PWD. On investigating few details, it was known that the PWD employee had dug up an area without permission and just left it covered up with mud.

According to TOI, Police have registered an FIR under Section 283 of the IPC, which deals with ‘causing danger or obstruction in public way or line of navigation’. Other sections applied are 336 and 337, which deal with ‘endangering life or personal safety of others’.


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