Public Pressure Urges Police To Book 14 People For Negligence Which Led To Death Of Nuvem Youth

Accidental Death Of Nuvem Youth

There has been some headway in the case of the death of Richard Costa in the unfortunate incident of a tree falling on him. The police have now booked 14 people as being responsible for the mishap that led to the young man’s death.

On the evening of Tuesday, July 6, a resident of Nuvem, Richard Costa was riding his Activa when a nearby tree collapsed on him. The 25-year old could not survive the injury and died on the spot.

The tree had not fallen of natural causes but in fact, because a PWD tree-cutting operation was underway. There was much conjecture about whether the incident was the fault of the boy riding irresponsibly or carelessness on the part of the PWD workers.

Residents of Nuvem were outraged by the event and demanded that the police hold an inquiry into the same. They even threatened to block the roads unless and until action is not taken against the people responsible.

Many people on social media questioned the timing of the tree-cutting operation, and why it was being done during the monsoons. Goan netizens began venting their frustration with the department on Twitter and Facebook. 

There was a lot of uproar on the general carelessness surrounding the possibility that workers had not followed the right protocol in going about their operation. Some also pointed out that Nuvem has a bypass route, and that roads could very much have been kept closed to carry out the task.

With all this pressure from the public, the police have now booked 14 people under “death due to negligence” in this case ascertaining that this was indeed due to a maintenance operation gone wrong.

The tussle between residents and local PDW officials has always been an age-old one. For instance, indifference and inaction of the PWD officials has led Pissurlem village to live at the mercy of irregularly delivered water drums delivered by the municipality or the mining companies, for almost 2 years now.

Even outside of Goa, they have been at the receiving end of much flak from people. In June this year, The PWD-NH Wing in Kochi was stirred into action, following the death of a young motorbike rider due to the slipshod condition of the 2-km-long Kundannoor bridge.

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