Minor Girl Abducted and Sexually Abused by Police Constable and his Friend

In one of the most shocking incidents that came into the light on Saturday, a police constable attached to the Vasco Police Station along with one of his friend had abducted and sexually abused a minor girl from Dabolim. The incident of sexual abuse which took place in two separates incidents came into the on Saturday following the minor girl lodged the complaint with Vasco police station.

According to the report published in Indian Express, a police constable attached to Vasco Police station, namely Siddharth Gosavi, was arrested along with his friend who is a minor boy and was allegedly involved in the rape of a 17-year-old girl. According to the statement given by the victim at Vasco police station, she was held captive by the Minor Boy from May 5th to May 20th and was sexually abused.

The complaint was filed on Saturday. The victim from Dabolim informed the police that a 26-year-old policeman clamming to drop her home from the Vasco Railway station took her to an isolated area near Ponda for the entire night, and raped her. He slapped her and shut her mouth while the victim screamed for help. The incident happened on Thursday night.

The girl further opened up and told the police of a similar incident that occurred to her in the last month; the accused minor boy abducted and sexually assaulted her. In the time from 5th till 20th of May, she was constantly sexually used by her peer in his residence at Zuarinagar.


According to the Goan, it was known that officer Gosavi was a friend of the minor boy (who had previously sexually assaulted the girl). When the girl’s mother came to know of the incident she immediately filed a complaint.

The minor boy has been put in a remand home, while the shameless Police constable  Siddharth has been arrested this morning. The charges put against them were under section 365,376, 323 of IPC, section 8 of GCA and section 4 of POSCO Act.

Even after so many cases, nothing has been changed. Especially it is horrifying that a public service that we trust ends up in such crimes. When a public service representative itself causes menace, who should the people look up to?

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