NCP demanded the publication of report card of ministers

NCP Spokesperson Trajano Dmello Image credit The Goan

Recently Goa government under the guidance of the defence minister Manohar Parriker has prepared the report card of cabinet ministers as a part of its mid-term exercise. BJP general secretary Satish Velankar was in the state last week to conduct the exercise. As per BJP manifesto these report cards were the part of their internal assessment of party’s performance in Goa. The state NCP wing did not agree to this and demanded the publication of the “report card” failing to do so will amount into admission of the failure of the governance.

The NCP spokesperson Goa unit Trajano D’mello criticized the statement of Parrikar saying that not disclosing the report card into public will indicate the failure of the governance in the state “Though Parrikar had said that preparation of report card was an internal exercise of the party and it need not be made public, NCP’s state unit spokesman Trajano D’Mello has criticized Parrikar’s statement. “The statement of the defence minister that the report of the government has been prepared and will not be made public is a clear admission that government has failed on all fronts,” D’Mello told the media in press conference.

He compared the failed students to the ministers saying “It’s the same attitude of a child who feels ashamed to show the report card to his or her parents after failing in examination.” The very party that came to power on the promise of transparency is working day and night to cover its sins of commission and omission, he added. D’Mello asked the government to release the report so that voters can understand which minister is the best and worst in terms of performance. “The BJP has no right to keep the report card which has been made by them into their private property and to keep it a secret as this government is running the affairs on tax-payers money,” said D’Mello.

Source: PTI


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