Tourism Department to stop paying electricity bills of religious places

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Facing the severe resistance from the opposition on the issue of disbursement of funds for the electricity bills of the religious places, the Goa government has decided to not to pay the electricity bills incurred by the religious places for their ceremonies or religious functions any more. The department of tourism was paying for the illumination of the Temples, Churches and Mosques on the special religious occasions for almost a decade now.

“The Department of Tourism has taken a decision not to pay electricity consumption charges for illumination of religious places as an austerity measure,” Director of Tourism Ameya Abhyankar was quoted as saying in a press release issued here today. However the director has assured the continuation of support in installation of the system in the religious places. “Department’s scheme to illuminate religious places, however, will continue and it will bear the cost of installing the system, provided the religious institution gives a undertaking that it will pay for electricity consumption charges,” Abhyankar said.

Till now department had contributed to the illumination of more than 42 temples, 21 churches and 1 mosque mentioned the director.  According the officials the decision has come into implementation due to the constant criticism from the opposition congress party and NCP in the state.

But the state run NCP unit has something else to say according to Goa NCP spokesperson Trajano D’Mello the minds of the government has become shady which is making them to darken the religious places “The decision gives a clear indication that the minds of the rulers of this government have been darkened and that they have reached an extent of trying to darken religious places,” said Trajano D’Mello “They should understand that these religious places are spiritual ones which have light of its own and that it illuminates in the heart and mind of individuals,” he added.


However the Goa congress has taken a different stand to hit the nail in coffin saying that the government should curb the expenditure of their ministers who are globe-trotting “The amount of money spent on junkets is hundred times higher than the electricity bills on the illumination of churches and temples. The government should stop junkets first,” said the Goa Congress spokesperson Sunil Kawathankar

Source : PTI

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