Andheri Man Caught by Goa Police Claims that Burning Vehicles Gives Him Pleasure

The recent case of vehicle burning has been finally solved with the arrest of Andheri based man who claimed that he burned the vehicles in Khareband Margao only for the sake of pleasure. The statement of the culprit made cops stunned and considering that he is mentally unstable, police sent him for the medical checkup, but all the reports of the accused come out normal.

It may be recalled that the most recent incident of the 13 vehicles set on fire by unknown culprit made the residents of Kharebandh, situated in south Goa, had annoyed the residents.   Reasons were unknown earlier, but police managed to catch the culprit with help of CCTV footage.

According to reports from Nyooz, police sources have said that seven two-wheelers parked in the open near Pappu Garage, and five two-wheelers and a car parked near Texeira Residency, were found burnt on Friday morning.  A resident at Kharebad called the fire services immediately after noticing the fire at midnight.

68-year-old Babli Fernandes from Andheri in Mumbai who was detained by the Margao police is presently in the judicial custody for two days, the Margao Town police stated to Herald that it was easy to catch the criminal because of the CCTV footage. Police and government have decided that a digital surveillance security is of huge help and should be set up everywhere.


According to the police sources in Margao, the interrogation of the culprit Babli has revealed that he is mentally unsound, and Margao station in-charge, PI Kapil Nayak has requested for a medical checkup of the accused after getting to know the criminal’s motive.

According to Mr. Nayak, accused Babli has confessed that he gets pleasure from watching bikes and vehicles burning; that is the reason he set them on fire.  On further investigations, police have found out that Babli had been previously arrested in 2010 for setting a chicken shop on fire. After following his arrest, the police have been advised to get a medical checkup done in the Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behavior.

However, the surprising fact is that the medical report says he is completely sane. IPHB stated that even in 2010 after the incident he had claimed to be mentally ill, but the reports were clear. Thus, it has been decided to keep him under judicial custody until the final statement.

What are your views on this serious issue? Can the culprit get away under the medical grounds? What about the losses faced by the owners of the vehicles? Who will composite them?


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