The Main Accused Arrested in Card Swiping Machines Case at Calangute Gave Shocking details to Goa Police

This is the recent case of arrests of three people in Calangute by Cyber Crime Cell of Goa Police. Wherein the trio was in process of installing the Card Swiping Machines (POS Machines) with Card Reading Device (Skimmers) installed on it. The skimmers are meant to steal the data of the cards that swapped on such machines by the customers. After the primary interrogation of the trio, Goa Police has now come up with very shocking details given by the prime accused.

According to the Cyber Crime Cell of Goa Police, One of the arrested accused Abhishek Singh is a son of former Cop of the UP police Datta Ram Naunaria, who was instrumental in the first investigation of sensational Arushi Murder case in Delhi. The police sources said that the accused had confessed before the police that the main reason behind coming to Goa with skimmer installed machines was to target the foreigner tourists in the state. The accused told the police that, they had procured these POS (Point of Sales) machines from the Electronics Market in Delhi. The Goa Police has dispatched one of its team to Delhi to nab the other accused associated with this gang.

It may be recalled that Cyber Crime Cell of Goa Police had arrested three accused from Calangute on Sunday while they were in process of installing the Card Swiping machines at some vendors in Calangute area. They had the skimmers installed in the POS machines. The need of Card Swiping machines growing rapidly in the state due to Narendra Modi’s Demonetisation drive and the crooks are on the prowl to take advantage of the situation.

Following the demonetization, Goa government decided to make Goa 100% cashless model state in India before 31st December. The crooks saw an opportunity in this. They were aware that to make the Goa cashless state there is need of Card Swiping Machines and they decided to invade Goa by installing the skimmer machines at various locations in the coastal areas of Goa. But the timely intervention of Crime Branch had saved Goa from becoming the prey of this big fraud.

The arrested accused told the police that, they have targeted the coastal areas of Goa for the installation of POS machines with skimmers installed. According to the accused Abhishek Singh, The main person behind this fraud had promised to give the trio 11000 rupees per swipe and the  arrested trio were negotiating with the shopkeepers for about 4-5 thousand rupees per swipe. They had come to Goa to target foreign tourists, thinking that foreigners will not lodge a complaint if the money is stolen from their accounts, after leaving India.

The police had recovered two Swiping machines, laptops and skimmers from the accused.   According to the cyber crime, a skimmer is a small electronic device when fitted in the POS Machines it clones the number of a Debit or Credit card swapped on it along with the CVV number and PIN of the card. Once that is done, the criminals can make unlimited used the skimmed data to make endless transactions anywhere in the world.       

During the interrogation, the main accused, Abhishek Singh has disclosed that there are some more people in their Delhi NCR based gang. Abhishek Singh has also disclosed that they got these schemers fitted Card Swiping Machines from some electronic market in Delhi. Goa police are in touch with Delhi police to nab other associates of this gang. Accused Abhishek Singh is the Son of former police of U.P. Datta Ram Naunaria, who had first investigated sensational Arushi murder case. Naunaria was suspended for faulty investigation in the case.


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