Political battle reached on the streets with two politicians throwing blows at each other on Calangute Crossroad

As the elections are approaching closer the political situation is getting more tense in the state and the fight between Calangute MLA Micheal Lobo and Deputy Sarpanch of Calangute Mr. Joseph Sequeira is a classic example of the same. The reports have confirmed that both the political personalities started fighting in the middle of the road by throwing blows and fists at each other. Perhaps, this is the most disgraceful thing that happened in Goa which known for peace loving people.

According to the sources, the war on election banners and party flags turned into the street fight between two political personalities of Calangute area. Mr. Joseph Sequeira and Micheal Lobo literally came to blows resulting in minor injuries to both of them. According to the national media Times of India The ongoing rivalry between Calangute MLA Michael Lobo, and deputy sarpanch of the Calangute panchayat, Joseph Sequeira, the prospective Congress candidate, took an ugly turn on Monday afternoon with the two allegedly coming to blows over the display of BJP posters and flags.

The situation has already started getting tensed in the state with the number of cases of removing the flags and banners of the other candidates taking an ugly turn in various constituencies in Goa. It looks like every candidate has started feeling insecure with other. This case is perhaps the outcome of one such insecure feeling amongst both the candidates. According to the sources, the timely intervention of police resulted in bringing the situation under control.

According to the Calangute police, both the parties have filed the cross-complaint against each other at Calangute police station and police have registered the FIRs for assault and issuing threats against both. They also included an extra section of rioting against the local MLA as he was present at the scene of offense along with 50 others.

The police sources said that both the parties confronted with each other over the planting of BJP flags and banners at Dolphin circle in front of the St Alex Church in Calangute. The incident of the fight took place on Monday afternoon when Deputy Sarpanch Joseph Sequeira sent one of his men to remove the BJP flags fixed at the Dolphin Circle. On getting the news of the same Calangute MLA Micheal Lobo along with his 50 supporters rushed to the spot and confronted the person and got physical with him, said the sources.


According to the TOI reports, Trouble started when laborers engaged by the Calangute panchayat started removing posters, banners and flags put up by the MLA as part of his election campaign and for the ‘Vijay Sankalp’ meeting on Tuesday. Sequeira said that there was no permission from the village panchayat for the display of the flags and hence were illegal. When Lobo learned that the banners, posters, and flags in front of the Calangute church were being removed, his supporters and he rushed to the spot, stopped the panchayat workers and made them put the flags back.

The Deputy Sarpanch Mr. Sequeira immediately rushed to the spot and entered into an argument with Mr. Lobo over his unacceptable action. The verbal scuffle resulted in physical attacks on each other by both the parties. According to the police sources, both Mr. Lobo and Mr. Sequeira started throwing blows at each other due to which both of them got injured. Sequeira suffered an abrasion on his left eye, while Lobo claimed his hand was injured in the scuffle. While speaking to The Goan, Deputy Sarpanch Joseph Sequeira said the MLA made the first move and punched him with a knuckle duster. “Lobo came from behind and hit me with a knuckle duster. I was alone and he was with 50 of his supporters. If it was not for the police, he would have continued hitting me,” Sequeira said.   

Mr. Micheal Lobo denied the allegations leveled by Sequeira in front of police and said that  Sequeira made the first move was made by Sequeira. “When I lifted my arm to defend myself, I was struck on the arm and was hurt,” Lobo said. Based on Sequeira’s complaint, police registered a case for assault, rioting and issuing threat under Sections 143, 147, 353, 323, 504, 506(II) and 427 of the IPC against the local MLA and 50 others. On receiving a counter complaint from Lobo, police registered a case for assault and issuing threat under Sections 353, 504, 323 506 of the IPC against the deputy sarpanch.

The sources have said that both the parties are now throwing allegations at each other. After the fights, Calangute MLA, Michael Lobo accused Deputy Sarpanch Joseph Sequeira of being frustrated while Sequeira hit back blaming the MLA and BJP of spreading ‘goonda raj’ in Calangute. “Sequeira is frustrated. He is harassing locals by sending notices. People of Calangute will teach him a lesson at the election,” Lobo said. He said that the MLA’s attack on him clearly showed that BJP was rattled and was now resorting to ‘goondagiri’.


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