68 Lakhs Rupees worth New Notes Seized from Valpoi Goa by I-T Department, Old Notes were exchanged By Taking 30% commission

In one of the most shocking incidents that took place in Valpoi North Goa after the demonetization, Income Tax department raided a place in Valpoi and recovered a huge amount of New Notes of Rs. 2000 and 500 from the ‘dealer’. According to the sources, these people were actively involved in doing the illegal exchange of old currency of Rs. 1000 and 500 with new notes by taking 30% commission, said the sources. 

According to the sources in Star ABP News, the Income Tax department sleuths had conducted the raids and recovered 68 lakh rupees worth New Notes from Valpoi Village in North Goa. Valpoi is situated at around 35 KM from the capital city of Goa. According to the sources, the seized new notes were being used by the accused to do the illegal exchange of old currency by taking 30% commission.

The sources have also revealed that the people who were caught doing the exchange of old notes with new currency were charging hefty commission of 30% and this is not the first time they had done this work but it is their ongoing business on regular basis which has now become more profitable due to demonetization, said the sources. 

The names of the arrested people are not yet been revealed by the department but the preliminary investigation is underway, said the sources. The cash recovered from them is a huge amount that too in the new currency denominations which are not available in the banks and ATMs too. Most of the Banks in Goa does not have cash to dispense and many ATMs in the state has been shut down due to lack of cash. Under such circumstances, from where these people get the new notes to do the illegal exchange is still remains the matter of concern, said the sources.

According to the sources, Income Tax department has conducted the raids at Valpoi village in North Goa after getting the tip from reliable sources about the business of the illegal notes exchange. They have recovered the brand new notes of Rs. 2000 and 500 from the accused who were in process of doing the illegal exchange of the notes by taking 30% commission.


According to the guidelines set by the I-T department, any such illegal exchange of notes calls for a legal precaution and jail terms. The people have been asked to not fall prey to such kind of offers and deposit their hard earned money into the banks as the banks have set the limit of deposit by per person is up to 2.5 lakhs and your money is safe in the banks that too without paying any commissions. But there are crooks who still manage to deviate the innocent people for their own benefits, said the sources. 

Here, in this case, the most important concern is, where did those people get such huge amount of cash from? that too in New Currency Notes. The sources have revealed that the Investigation is underway and soon the truth will get surfaced. Goa Prism will keep you updated with the latest development in this case. If you wish to leave you comments and suggestions please go ahead.


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