JOURNEYS Laboratory of Smiles – India 2015

‘JOURNEYS’ is a theatrical performance by the children of El Shaddai-Street Child Rescue on 3rd February 2015 at Shanti Niketan, Assagao Goa. The performance takes us through the many journeys we take in our lives. From trips around the world and journeys of the mind to those travels that happen even without moving. This performance allows the audience to choose their kind of journey.

The 45-minute performance will witness different forms of theatre including puppetry, dramatics, dance, stilt-walking, juggling, aerial work and ground acrobatics, which the children have been training in for the past 3 weeks. This year the group has 6 Italians and 1 Indian facilitator working with around 90 children towards creating this performance.

JOURNEYS will play on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3rd 2015, at SHANTI NIKETAN School, Assagaon. There will be two shows: 7pm and 8:30pm. Both are public shows and entry will be free.



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Laboratory of Smiles is the project that Teatro per Caso, an Italian theatre company, has been running in India since 2006. It is a global project aimed at creating international solidarity through art and play. The annual India project runs for a month, with a variety of arts-based workshops for children and concludes with a performance by them.

This project began in collaboration with El Shaddai in 2006 when Teatro per Caso worked with 200 children to put up a grand performance. Ever since, the project has taken different groups of children through a variety of experiences. From big public performances to road trips across Pune-Mumbai-Goa, Laboratory of Smiles has explored many exciting journeys with the children of El Shaddai.

Erica Vicenzi, co-founder of Teatro per Caso wanted her travels in India to be more meaningful. “My work back home in Italy is with children and theatre. When I travelled in India and saw children everywhere, I wanted to do something special with them and share the joy that the arts brings to our lives,” says Vicenzi who began Laboratory of Smiles in India with this very idea. “As artists, every experience we have takes us on different journeys. This year we decided to work on the idea of JOURNEYS with children and explore the many meanings a child derives from the word.” Over the years, Laboratory of Smiles has also planted its seeds in countries like Palestine, the Balkans, Georgia and Armenia. Blog:


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Teatro per Caso is an Italian theatre company founded in 1996. The company produces, creates and performs theatrical acts, with a special focus on children’s theatre and street performances. The company comprises actors, playwrights, directors, visual artists and musicians coming from national and international backgrounds and have had performances across Europe, in Brazil, India, the Balkans, Georgia, Armenia, Dubai and Japan. Teatro per Caso also trains children and adults conducting circus arts and drama workshops. Website: www.teatropercaso.itItalian blog for the project:

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El Shaddai Charitable Trust is a registered non-profit Charity in India. We rescue deprived children who are in need and give them the tools of life to enable them to have a better future. We have residential Homes for these children as well as Day Care & Night Shelters all over Goa. Our outreach projects are touching and changing lives in South-West States in India. We have a free food & clothes distribution programmes in slums. Our vision is to reach out and touch many more children with the love of God. El Shaddai has impacted over 5000 children and are currently supporting more than 3000 children in India through our Homes, Shelters, daily feeding programmes, Slum schools and Educational centres. Your continued support is highly appreciated in making this vision a reality.


[su_frame]Contacts: Teatro per Caso: Erica Vicenzi:9168754748 (India number); [email protected] it Timira Gupta: 09892278127; [email protected] El Shaddai: Joshua D’Rosa:  09986881701/08326513286/87; [email protected] Rucha S Chudasama: 9260671710; [email protected][/su_frame]



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