I am not retiring so soon, says Manohar Parrikar

Parriakar has assured the people of Goa that if the government goes on the wrong path, he will bring them back on track.

According to the Parrikar’s post (tweet) on his twitter page, former CM and present Defence Minister of India, Manohar Parrikar had denied the reports published by some of the news channels reporting that he is having the plans of retirement in the near future. He further said that the statement made by him in one of the function has been misinterpreted and twisted by some of the news channels and that he has not planned of retirement so soon.

According to his tweet, “My correct statement is, at the age of 60, normally people think of retirement and perhaps I would have also, but I had to take bigger responsibilities at Centre & I assure you that I will come back only after finishing the task I am given.”

Parrikar was speaking at the function at his hometown at Mapusa, Goa. He is turning 60 on 13th December and there are plans of the big celebration of his 60th birthday by the state government. Although Parrikar is handling the portfolio of the defence ministry in the center but his heart and soul is completely attached to Goa and hence his keeps frequenting to Goa on a regular basis so much so that people of Goa sometimes feels whether he is still an acting CM of Goa.

Parrikar has served as CM of Goa for the three consecutive terms and he was an elected MLA of Panaji for 5 terms since 1994. The existence of BJP in Goa under the leadership of Parrikar started with just 4 legislators. Today BJP is having the majority in the state which became possible due to the powerful leadership of Shri. Manohar Parriakar and people of Goa have belief in the same.

Parrikar as mentioned earlier still holds the control over this tiny state and it becomes clear with his following statement which he made during the function, “People need not worry at all, there may be a question mark on the leadership qualities, but it is a tiny state and we will get lot of people, but let me assure you one thing right now, that, my attention will be on Goa and if the state government goes on the wrong path, then I will bring them back on track,” said Parrikar.

Source: Various Sources

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