New Mandovi Bridge is fighting with RUST? Does the 403 Crore project needs serious attention?


Despite all the opposition, the work of New Mandovi Bridge commenced in a full swing, but is everything going well with the construction of the new bridge? Or the bridge is facing some serious issues? Perhaps yes!!

Panaji city is perhaps the only place in Goa having two bridges across the famous Mandovi River. Despite this, the creation of third bridge was initiated by the former Chief Minister of Goa Shri Manohar Parrikar. Perhaps this was the most ambitious project during his tenure before leaving for Delhi. This project initially attracted lots of criticism from the opposition parties as well people of Goa. The reason behind the disagreement was the priority of Zuari Bridge, according to the VOX POPULI it is on the verge of a collapse.

Nevertheless despite all the opposition, the work of New Mandovi Bridge commenced this year in full swing promising the completion of the same within just two years time. It is perhaps the biggest single project that Goa will be having as of now. But is everything going well about the construction of the new bridge? Or the bridge is facing some serious issues? Perhaps yes. This news article is going to put some light on the depleting situation this bridge is facing at the moment.

This article is constructed on the facts made available by the reliable sources. The sources have revealed that there is a certain compromise in the material used in the construction of this bridge and one such example is the RUSTING OF A STEEL BARS used in the construction. It does not require much of the investigation as the fact is evident and clearly visible with the necked eyes.

Every day hundreds of thousand people commute across the existing Mandovi Bridge, how many of you have witnessed the standing tall mild steel structure is entirely corroded? It is the fact and this fact has been brought to the notice of Goa Prism by one conscious citizen of Goa (name is not disclosed for the reason of privacy) who thought there is something seriously wrong with the work in progress of the New Mandovi Bridge and the same has been verified with the help of contractual agreement between the GSIDC and L&T by obtaining the documents under RTI.


Goa Prism has decided to take up this story in the interest of public and same has been brought to the notice of Durgadas Kamat, President of GenNext, who assured to support the case. Durgadas visited the site for the purpose of inspection to make sure that there is a fact in the narration, (we have included the video of Durgadas bellow the article) and after getting convinced with facts verified with the help of obtained documents he decided to take up this issue in the media and bring the facts out in front of the people of Goa. Durgadas has appealed the Chief Minister of Goa Laxmikant Parsekar to carry out the inspection of this under Construction Bridge and verify the facts.

Today at 12 pm there will be a press conference which will put some more lights on this issue. We appeal to the people of Goa to support the mission taken over by the concerned citizens of Goa who feels apprehensive about everyone. Wait for more updates on this issue.


A value of Order GSIDC to L&T    

403 Crore / Now Reached to Rs. 450 Crore (close sources from GSIDC)


003 Crore

Recommended Use of Steel

TMT (Thermo Mechanical Treated Fe 500 bars
as per IS:1786 Standards Mandatory
Steel used in work shall be corrosion resistant
CRS 500 or equivalent confirming to IS:1786

Inspection and Testing    

Every bar should be inspected and tested
before assembly and any defective, brittle and
accessively rusted or burnt bar shall be

Corrosion Protection   

All structured steel shall be free of mill scale
surface be moisture free to be painted by
airless spray. Protective paint consists of
inorganic Zinc primer, apoxy, poly urethane
topcoats. The painting to be guaranteed for
minimum 10 years.


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