Wearing a Helmet is always in the benefit of a rider, and it is the job of a police to issues challan to enforce the law and order. But according to the new circular issued by the SP Traffic Devesh Mahala will make it compulsory for the pillion riders to wear the helmets and it will need to have ISI mark on it, said the sources.

According to the reports, more than 30 percent pillion riders die in the road accident due to not wearing the helmets. SP Traffic, Mr. Mahala has appealed the two-wheeler riders and a pillion rider to wear the helmet to save their lives in the event of an accident.

According to the sources, in the year 2016, two wheeler road accidents claimed more than 200 lives, out of which around 40 were the pillion riders, and during the last six months 103 people died in the road accident out of which 90 were the riders, and 13 were sitting pillion. According to SP Traffic Devesh Mahala, their lives could have been saved if they were wearing the helmets.

According to the circular issued by SP Traffic Devesh Mahala, here onwards the wearing the Helmets for both rider and pillion will be compulsory. It has been observed that the pillion riders never wear the Helmets at all but this way they invite the risk of losing their lives in case of severe accidents.


But once the new development comes into the effect, the pillion riders will have to compulsorily wear the helmets and it needs to be an ISI mark, said the sources in the police.

Another concern, that was raised in the meeting by SP Devesh Mahala was the on the usual practice of traffic police to stop the two-wheeler riders on the road for checkup despite they wearing helmets will be stopped.

According to the circular, now the traffic police won’t be stopping the people without any valid reasons. “Although the police personnel has powers to stop anybody the practice is being misused and the same will be allowed,” said Mahala adding that Stopping the vehicles in the middle of the road for checking leads to create an unnecessary hurdle to the others. Hence the traffic police will not stop the vehicles for unnecessary reasons and if they found guilty, the action will be taken against them, assured SP Mahala.

According to the sources, the major reason behind the traffic jam on the highways is due to rampant stopping of vehicles by the police to check the documents which are not necessary all the time. The police is supposed to stop the vehicle only if they find some violations have taken place. For example, the rider is not wearing helmets or he is carrying more than one pillion rider on the bike. The traffic police have been instructed to stop only the people who break the rules.


It looks like the new development may lead to reducing the fatality on the roads but there is also are negative effects of the new circular in the public. People feel that the new rule will only help the police to make more money and it will lead to boost the sale of Helmets in the market. What is your opinion on this? Do you think that the new rule is not in the favor of the people? Please share your valuable comments and suggestions on this issue.



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