The Calangute police station in charge, PI Jivba Dalvi has been doing the tremendous amount of work to unearth the illegalities prevailing in the Calangute area. He has been instrumental in busting various drugs and prostitution-related rackets going on in one of the most popular tourist destination of Goa. In yet another incident, Mr. Dalvi has rescued the girl from Delhi and arrested the pimp who forced her into the unethical business.

According to the sources from Calangute police station, the team of police under the guidance of PI Dalvi had set the trap to catch the procurer. The police sources said that the prostitution racket was being operated in the Calangute area, and as per the arrangement, the procurer came on an Active Scooter bearing the registration number GA 03 AA 6281 to deliver the girl who was procured for the purpose of flesh trade.   

The Calangute police informed that on the receipt of a tip about the flesh trade activity from the reliable sources Calangute PI Jivba Dalvi formed a task force and conducted the raid in the middle of the night and arrested the procurer Harish Sukumar a resident of Bangalore.

According to the sources, the entire operation was undertaken with the help of a local NGO. After the arrest of the prime culprit, the rescued girl was sent to the protective home at Merces. The Calangute police also initiated an action for the freezing of all the bank accounts held by the accused person.

The raiding team was supervised by PI Jivba Dalvi and consisted of PSI’s Rishikesh Patil, Sitaram Malik, Mahesh Naik, Prajit Mandrekar, Head Constable Subhash Malvankar, constables Vidyanand Amonkar, Samir Naik, Swapnil Simepurushkar, lady constables  Harshal Padloskara and Deepika Naik.

The police have registered the offense under section 370 IPC and section 4, 5, and 7 of immoral traffic & Prevention Act 1956. Further investigation, in this case, is being carried out under the supervision of PI Dalvi, said the sources.

Despite regular raids on the various illegal activities the culprits do not stop their activities and keep repeating it. Calangute is one the most popular beach destination in North Goa and such activity can surely result into hammering the tourism business, said the sources. Please leave your valuable comments on this issue.


  1. On an account of immoral trafficking there are many players involved. At times the father of the for or any other close relative of the girl sells the girl to the Raju or the person who collects girls the girl is then sent to beauty parlour to make her presentable. Then the Raju hands over the girl to her first agent or broker and later after the broker send her back home with huge amounts of money it becomes addictive for the girl because the girl just spreads her legs to earn anywhere between 10000 To 40000 per day. She has sex with clients who give her tips which amount up-to 5 /10 K per day.

  2. Most of the girls caught are mostly from Delhi, These girls are they innocent, caught unaware or come to make fast money.


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