The new development in the traffic department may give a lot of relief to the tourists coming to Goa on the vacation. Harassment of tourists by the traffic police is not a hidden fact anymore, everyone knows that the moment traffic police spots the vehicles registered outside the state, they stop the same under the pretext of checking only to extort some money from them at the end of the day, and the same principle applicable to the tourists who hire the bikes and moves around the state. According to the sources, the tourists are the soft target and can be easily fleeced by everyone from the taxi drivers to the cops.

It looks like the new SP traffic, Devesh Kumar Mahala, has taken the serious cognisance of the harassment of the tourists by the traffic police after one of the citizens had filed online petition on this issue.   

In a process of bringing some good reforms in the traffic department of Goa and curbing the deep level of corruption the SP traffic north, Devesh Mahala has issued a circular all the in-charges of total 14 traffic cells in the state. He has warned that if any traffic police found harassing the tourists on the pretext of checking the vehicles without valid reasons the strict action will be initiated against the concerned police officers.


This severe step has been taken by Mahala after he saw the motorists, especially the tourists, is being allegedly harassed by the traffic police on the highways on the pretext of checking their documents, despite the fact that tourists are wearing the helmets has not violated any of the rules. In fact, the exercise carried out by the traffic police many times resulted in creating the chaos on the roads due to a traffic jam.   

The sources also revealed that Mr. Mahala did not stop here by just issuing the orders, but he has also formed a special task force (squad) to keep a watch on the functioning of the traffic police and to look into the issues pertaining to alleged harassment of motorists as well as corruption-related matters. “It has been observed that while carrying out enforcement of traffic laws, several motorists are unnecessarily stopped on the pretext of motor vehicle checking thereby creating unnecessary traffic congestion and causing hardship to law-abiding motorists,” said Mahla.

Devesh Mahala has also warned of the surprise checks that will conduct by the special squad, and if any of the officers found stopping and challenging any vehicle without the valid reasons, strict action will be initiated against the concerned officers. “We will not spare anyone who is making the misuse of the powers and harassing the law-abiding citizens,” he said.


According to the circular issued by the SP’s office to all the concerned traffic cells, the traffic police will need to make sure that no undue hardship is caused to the motorists and only those who are found violating traffic  laws like riding without helmet, driving without seat belt, rash and negligent driving, using tinted glasses, carrying excess pillion rider, driving without or with improper number plate etc or are suspected of committing traffic violation should be stopped, Mahla said.

At the same time, he has told the traffic police to keep the watch on the traffic violators and take strict action against the people who are found repeating the violations despite several warnings. “Once a vehicle is stopped for a particular traffic violation, all relevant documents and other violations should also be checked and the maximum fine should be imposed,” he said.

According to the Petition filed by one of the citizens of India…

I have been noticing several accidents and people dying on the roads of Goa , It is the responsibility of the traffic police to streamline traffic, stop speeding taxis, buses loaded trucks, drunk drivers, I have been shocked to notice , even the school bus drivers are drunk in the afternoon, But the traffic police are least bothered in fact they share a cozy club relation with most local undisciplined drivers, and the only attention of the traffic police is how to stop tourist on rented local scooters and extort money out of them, they pull away the keys of the scooters, then take the licences of the tourist and keep them paraded on the roads , till the money/bribe is not paid , This is the most serious form of human rights violations, even the maoist would not do something like this ,  I request complete in camera recording of all traffic police nakabandi  across Goa, And no traffic police should be allowed to stop motorist or issue challans in the absence of camera recording of the nakabandi. please help in making governance effective and corruption-free, the police have forgotten that respect is to be earned and not demanded.

Following the petition SP Traffic Devesh Mahala and issued the circular stating that any traffic police on duty found not wearing the name plates on duty will be suspended on the spot here is the copy of the Letter


The developments take place following the initiation of an action by the vigilant citizens. We cannot change the system by just blaming the system or the people associated with it. If we find any kind of injustice going on in the society, we need to bring that to the notice of concerned authorities. There is not doubt that the corruption has been rooted deeply into the system but at the same time, there are the officers like Mahala who fights with the corruption to help the people. If you find this article useful, please share with others and leave your valuable comments and suggestions.


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