Goa is not UP but abusing and assaulting the cops is very common here in the state. This may not be the first case wherein a Goan has physically assaulted the cops, in the past, there are several cases of verbal abuse and beating the cops on the public.   


It is a notion these days that most of the nuisance is created by non-Goans especially the labor class, after consuming alcohol.

But, sadly we have been proved wrong on various occasions and now Goa Police have arrested a youth from Gogol in Margao for drinking in public as well as assaulting the cops in public.

The Maina Curtorim Police early morning on Sunday arrested 23-year-old Nihal Faleiro, a resident of near Green Amaze, Gogol for drinking in open space and also assaulting two police personnel, thereby obstructing them in discharging their lawful duties.

According to the complaint lodged by Head Constable Nilesh Komarpant, last night at around 10.45 pm he and his team found Nihal consuming alcohol in open area behind Green Amaze at Kurtarkar building which is a residential area.

When the police requested Nihal not to consume alcohol in the area, given that it is a public place, he started abusing them.

He was then picked up for restraining the police personnel from discharging their duties.

However, as he was being taken for a medical check-up to Hospicio, Nihal began abusing the police, which led to his arrest.

Source: TOI



  1. This is to bring to your information that my brother was unlawfully arrested ( police not in uniform, no display of their name and authority, no justified grounds for arrest) on Saturday night which he was sitting with three of his friends and having a single can of beer. He was asked to throw the can on the ground to which he replied politely that he did not want to litter the place and would throw it in the dustbin or take it back home ( just near the road).this hurt the ego of pi Kapil Nayak and the other police constable ( both not in uniform) as he did not throw the can as instructed.they further used abusive language ( “ghaniyen ghal”- referring to the can of beer while forcefully throwing the can from his hand) he requested him to please talk politely.this further hurt the police inspectors ego.they forcefully and unlawfully arrested him . A medico legal case has been made documenting the Injuries inflicted on him by the police officers. Letter has been sent to superintendent of police .further letters are being sent to police control authority and human rights commission with copies of the medico legal case report and photographs of the injuries. A nonbailable offence has been filed with false charges all because he did not want to litter in public! He was also worried he would then be fined for littering .they have falsely charged him for causing public nuisance when none was caused ( he had just opened one can of beer and was chatting with his friends! And he hardly drinks) and for assaulting police officers on the way to hospicio hospital ( when he was alone against four officers – Is it physically possible for one 23 year aged young lawyer to attack 4 officers ??) .herald has contacted us for the entire story.kindly contact us for the same as a one sided story will promote such POLICE MISCONDUCT and abuse of powers.


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