Male Jealousy: How to Deal with It

We are all jealous to some extent. It may be reasonable and unreasonable, depending on the situation. Sometimes it only enhances passion but sometimes it can destroy relationships. To prevent this, it is necessary to understand the causes of jealousy and learn how to deal with it. 

1. Stop idealizing your girlfriend

You meet a single girl and it doesn’t matter how you love but look at her with a sober look. She is an ordinary earthly creature who has her own shortcomings, flaws, and even completely human features. She can smell bad, be in a bad mood, think negative about you, etc. Don’t stop loving your girlfriend but understand that you love an ordinary person, not a goddess or princess. Treat her humanly but don’t jealous.

2. Fight your fears


Jealousy often hides the fear of losing a loved one. You are afraid to lose what you have and don’t want to stay without what you need. You can’t imagine how you will live without this girl. These fears make it difficult to enjoy a real relationship. You can’t relax while being without your loved one, imagining with whom she is currently chatting on the phone, who she is thinking about, where she will go or went yesterday. Here’s how to learn to trust a girl – declare war on fears. As a rule, there is nothing good behind them. This is a game of imagination. Even if you break up, this is not the end of the world. Don’t destroy relationships because of fear of losing a person.

3. Engage in self-development

There are no perfect people. The girl has already chosen you from the crowd for well-defined positive qualities. Develop them in yourself whether you are good at car engineering or can to prove Fermat’s theorem. Self-esteem can be increased only by continuous work on yourself.

4. Communicate with other girls

The more you communicate with other girls, the less you will focus on jealous. Thus, you can lower the value of relations with a particular woman and overcome your fears. Any relationship should be built on trust.

5. Revise your needs

Another reason for men’s jealousy is the lack of communication, care, and affection on the part of a woman. It seems that she gives it all to someone else. Think about why this is happening. Maybe the loved one is busy at work, and she can’t devote too much time to you? Help the woman find a job with a better schedule or do some household chores, then she will spend time with you.

6. Be self-confident

Distrust in the partner also causes the sad experience of past relationships. It’s not worth hanging “labels” for every person – appreciate people according to their individual qualities and actions. If you are unreasonably jealous of your girl, then she may stop being loyal to you. Why do it if a man is disrespectful and doubts the sincerity of her feelings? Stop checking your girlfriend’s phone, look for “clues” in her personal belongings, and so on. It only ruins the relationship.

7. Stop considering the girl as your property

These are already the remnants of the past when women were the property of men. You should get rid of the idea that the girl is a thing that belongs to you. Treat her as a person who has her own head on her shoulders. She can think, feel, and do whatever she wants. To stop being jealous, don’t let emotions control you and your imagination.

8. Don’t try to control the girl

In other words, don’t try to prevent the inevitable. Understand one thing: if a girl wants to do something bad, then sooner or later she will do it. So, it is better not to slow down the development of what is to happen. If a girl can do something unpleasant, perhaps you should think about changing the girl, and not about how to stop being jealous of her.

Image Source: The Independent

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