Drugs Are Freely Available Throughout the Goa – Admits CM

A lot of tourists, especially during the season time come to Goa in a search of drugs, in fact for many this place is the drug heaven, but all this happens undercover. Goa police officers claim there is no drug in their jurisdiction and ministers also support this statement but finally, the Chief Minister of Goa has come out in the media stating that the drugs are available free throughout the state.

Of late Goa has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Be it assaults on minors, rapes, murders, kidnapping, robberies, every day brings different news to light.

The drug menace is nothing new in the State and just last week, Goa Police seized drugs worth Rs 3 crore, the highest ever in a haul in the state.

Now Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has finally admitted that drugs are freely available throughout the state and requested the people to cooperate with the Police.


Sawant while saying that it’s the duty of the parents to keep a lookout on their children so that they don’t fall prey to drugs stated that drugs are available in every nook and cranny of Goa.

The CM also lamented the fact that while everyone complains about drug abuse on a massive scale, nobody has shown interest in helping the police.

While Sawant stated that it is very crucial to arrest those involved in the trafficking of drugs, he also cautioned parents saying, “If parents find any changes in their children, they should take them into confidence and ask them about it.”

Many local dailies have been publishing a series of articles that show the actual picture of the drug menace in the State.

Drugs are even sold to students in the state of Goa

Earlier this year, Sawant had been firm in stating that the Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC) of Goa police, was doing very good work with regards to busting drug rackets across the state.

However after several of his own party MLAs agreed with the reports run by various newspapers, he deviated from his stance and passed the buck onto the parents.

On Saturday, Sawant was speaking at the inauguration of the Police outpost building at Sakhali. He hailed the efforts of the police for seizing drugs worth Rs 3 crores and at the same time mentioned that it is the duty of the people to assist the police instead of playing the blame game.

He further stated that better facilities needed to be provided to the police so that they can expedite their duties to reduce the crime rate in Goa.

Chandrakant Kavlekar, the Deputy Chief Minister, praised Sawant’s efforts for taking the initiative to provide a spacious office for the Police in Sakhali.

Now that realization has hit the Chief Minister, regarding the drugs menace in the State, one hopes that action will be taken so as to get rid of the drug menace in Goan society, once and for all.

Source: TOI 

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