Goa Police to deploy 500 extra policemen on the backdrop of Paris attacks

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To make sure that Goa remains safe for the tourists that coming in this tourism season, Goa Police has decided to deploy an additional force of 527 police personnel for the safety of tourists coming to the state from all over the world. Based on the information provided by the IANS, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Sunil Garg made an announcement that the police officials from all the ranks and especially from the Anti-Terror Squad will be will be sensitized to handle the situation as far as the prevention and tackling of such attacks in case it takes place.

He said that “the terrorist attack in Paris is a lesson for everybody and we must learn from it and to face any kind of emergency in the state during the upcoming tourist season we have decided to deploy the force of 527 police personnel across the state in various tourist spots.” He also added that forthcoming International Film Festival of India (IFFI) will receive more than 8000 delegates and other personalities from the film fraternity and the safety of everyone is the priority of the department.

Goa’s tourism season begins in November, while it achieves the peak in the month of December, attracting several lakhs of tourists which consist of a major chunk of foreigners and especially the Russian nationals. Besides this Goa states hosts the IFFI every year which again attracts the famous film personalities from across the world. “The IFFI which is starting on 20th November is attended by who’s who of film fraternity and thousands of delegates. I am having the meeting with all the officers to sensitize them about the situation of preventing and handling in an effective manner,” he said.

Although such situation occurred many a times when the police in Goa been put on alert following the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, the US and other countries but nothing has happened in Goa. Goa is the God’s own paradise and with the grace of God it always remains safe from such situations. But staying alert and getting ready to face any kind of situation is the best practice that Goa Police is doing. As a citizen all of the state we also need to be little extra careful about any suspicious activities taking place in and around our vicinity and in the case of little doubts, kindly get in touch with the following number to make the police alert about the situation. DIAL 100 CHEERS


Source: IANS

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