Goa Police claims to have gathered vital evidences against the accused persons in the minor’s rape case

Police seem working very hard on the minor girl’s rape case involving Taleigao heavyweight and St. Cruz legislature Babush Monseratte. The sources in the police have claimed of gathering enough pieces of evidence against the accused persons that will be sufficient enough to establish the case in the court of law. What are those evidence and how police managed to get hold of them? How is those evidence going to help the police in this case? Read here the complete report.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”] Based on the available information from the various sources, Crime Branch of Goa Police has managed to collect enough pieces of evidence in the case of alleged rape of a minor girl by St. Cruz MLA , Babush Monseratte. According to the sources in police, these pieces of evidence are sufficient enough to prove their case in the court.

According to the sources, the police have managed to get hold of the bed sheet that was used during the crime. Police have also recovered the dress of victim girl that she was wearing on the day she claimed to have raped by Babush at his farmhouse in Taleigao.

Although the bed sheet and the dress of victim have been washed but the police forensic team has confirmed that there is biological evidence on the bed sheet and the victim’s clothes. Both the evidence will be sent to the Central Forensic Science Laboratories in Hyderabad for the DNA analysis purpose, revealed the sources.

The evidence had been gathered by police during the raid conducted by them on the farm house of the legislature where the crime was committed according to the statement of victim minor girl. During the search police had found the bed sheet which was allegedly used during the crime. The bed sheet was washed but a forensic team of Goa managed to spot the blood stain on it.  Police also attached the dress of victim girl wore during the crime and they have confirmed of finding the stains on the clothes. Both the pieces of evidence will be sent for the DNA analysis to the Forensic Science Laboratories in Hyderabad, claimed the sources.


Meanwhile, the medical report of the victim has also confirmed the rape. The reports have been established taking into account the healing pattern of the injuries of the victim and the corroboration of the time period she has confirmed in her statement.

The police sources have also claimed to have collected the digital evidence such as mobile phone call records, exchange of SMS between the accused and co-accused. Some of the friends of victim girl have also approved of the victim girl’s statement in which she had narrated them about her rape by Babush. Police have also established the link between the statement of the victim girl and the specifications of the place where she was allegedly raped by the Legislature. “The girl has disclosed everything including the color of curtains, brand of television, type of set top box everything exists in the bedroom where the crime allegedly took place,” claimed the sources.

The above details look to be more than sufficient to make the case of victim stand in the court of law and police is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that even a single minute details should not be missed out by them.

The remand of Babush will get over on Monday and he will be presented before the JMFC for further remand, the defense lawyer has already told the media that he will not press for the bail since he has complete confidence in his client. Police may seek more time from the court to interrogate the accused further that also includes two ladies, co-accused, the stepmother of victim girl and ‘aunty’ Rosy. The clouds will start clearing only on Monday, till then you can leave your comments and have a discussion on this case online.

Source: Various sources.  


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