Gambling Dens with daily turnover of 1 crore operates under patronage of Police & Politician in Sattari

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Gambling dens is the known fact in Goa, in a recent past one local weekly tabloid exposed the illegal gambling dens in south Goa, but just like any other illegal activity which never stops, only pauses for the time being gambling also resumed back shortly. Today the turnover has risen to 1 crore per night that too in the underdeveloped area like jungle of Sattari.

According to the news published by the local daily the gambling takes place in the small palm-thatched huts in the jungles of Sattari, although from outside it may looks like a poor man’s dwelling but the daily business turnover of these dens on betting matches that to the earnings of the casinos in Goa. The sources revealed that every night its turnover is more than 1 crore. The gamblers bet in lakhs night in night out. The gambling activities here start as early as 9 pm in the night and ends as late as 6 am in the morning.

This place is also just like off shore a casino not easy to approach, one has to park the vehicles on the main road and then walk almost a kilometer to reach to the spot where in the darkness of night, lakhs of rupees gambled right under the nose of police system. The atmosphere inside is semi-luxury with long cotton carpets spread across the ground having the playing cards lined up on it, tea and coffee served to gamblers, there is barely any light in the rooms and you can hardly see anybody’s face. But amongst this one well known face stands out and that is the face of political stalwart from Siolim constituency “Uday Palekar” who is apparently the right hand of one of the Congress strongman politician from north Goa and his main job is to take care of entire operations.

It is also revealed that the brother of one of the top most BJP leader is protecting the interest of gamblers by sheltering this business. Just a causal chat with the gamblers is sufficient to get the tips about the secret behind these dens in the jungle. The younger brother of one of the politician also protects this illegal trade from police raids and other law enforcement agencies, although this “Brother” is the owner of just one hut while the other huts are handled by person called “Bala” whose job is to make sure that other huts are saved from police.


Based on the news published by the local daily ‘Heraldo’ “The dens are frequented by gamblers from Maharashtra as well as by locals. There is no way to gauge how much money is gambled here, but gamblers claim that there is around Rs 1crore revenue every night from all four huts. In a recent raid on a similar hut in Saleli village, Crime Branch had showed that it had seized Rs 4.5 lakh, but sources claim that Rs 17 lakh had been picked up. Nobody knows where the rest of the money went”.

Police Inspector from Sattari area or more precisely from Valpoi claims that HE IS UNAWARE OF ANY SUCH ACTIVITIES, The sources have claimed that “Valpoi PI Sanjay Dalvi said that he was not aware of the illegal gambling activities assuring that he will conduct the strict patrolling in his area.

You must be wondering as how these dens are not raided by the police till date, the sources claims that “When cops receive a tip off, they tip the gamblers off” according to the operation conducted by the HERALDO reporters at around 1.45 am they called the PCR 100, Dy. SP Valpoi region but to their surprise everything closed down within just 10 minutes and police did not reach, this indicated the strong link policemen and gambling mafia. One of the gambling den operator revealed that Rs. 10 lakh is paid per month as protection money to police. The story does not end here the land owners are paid Rs. 40 to 50 thousand per month towards the use of their land for the gambling activity.

Police sources also inform that the posting has been done strategically and it is not the hidden fact anymore. Everyone at police HQ is aware about this fact. In one such case former DySP Gajanan Prabhudesai, who raided the gambling dens belonging to one of the BJP Member was posted to Police Training School at Valpoi.

These many evidences are enough to show the nexus between the gambling mafia and police. Gambling dens are run by the politician’s comrades and police is providing complete protection to it. Nobody can fight against these monsters single handedly unless everyone unites, not in the name of any political party, but as a conscious citizen. Please do leave your comments and suggestions on this issue.

Source: Heraldo

Edited by: Goa Prism News Desk

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