Files seized from Pinky’s Office revealed Huge Land conversion by collecting bribes

Hotel La-Capitol Belonging to Pinky Lawande

In a shocking revelation raised out of the files that was seized by the crime branch in the raids conducted at the office of Pinky (Gaurish Lawande) it has been came to the light that there were huge amount been paid to him for the land conversion from 2007 till 2011. According to the news published by the local daily on this “The noose is likely to tighten further with revelations that the latter allegedly accepted a bribe of Rs 300 per sq mtr for land conversions from 2007 till the election code of conduct was imposed in 2011” The deals came to an end following the change in government in the state in March 2012.

According to the sources, out of 150 files seized from the office of Pinky Lawande situated in La Capitol hotel in the city, 80% files were containing the documents related to the land conversions. Taking the action based on the information the investigation agency has summoned the people whose names appeared in the files.  Reliable sources said this is when information about bribes paid for land conversion in the Regional plan was exposed. “Several individuals and commercial agencies had applied to the then government for conversions. The files were instead parked at Lawande’s office from where all the dealings were executed. A fixed amount of Rs 300 per sq mtr was charged from each. The applicants heeded to the demand to get their work expedited without any hurdle,” a senior official said quoting some testimonies. These confessions could be enough to nail Kamat and Lawande for alleged money laundering, currently being investigated by ED.

Sources also reveal that the files confiscated from Lawande’s office could be the part of government records “That the files were not with the government itself raises suspicion of their alleged involvement in massive corruption,” the officer said. He added, “More people in whose names the respective plots were converted will be called for questioning by ED and CB.”

The next step ED is planning to take is summoning Digamberf Kamat for the enquiry related to the files seizure from Lawande’s office. Lawande has been already grilled by the ED officials during the raids at his bungalow in Campal and subsequently in his office. Now it looks like he may have to go through another round of questioning from ED. The first day of the raid on Thursday saw Kamat’s residence at Margao, Lawande’s bungalow at Campal and his office in Panjim, and the Altinho house belonging to Narhar Thakur father-in-law of Kamat’s son searched extensively for nearly six hours. Sources also indicate that investigation agencies are receiving anonymous emails disclosing benami properties the duo is allegedly in possession of. The officials are ascertaining the information as it has begun an inquiry into their real ownerships.


According to the another report “In an interesting development two days after a joint raid by ED and CB, Digambar Kamat and Gaurish (Pinky) Lawande held extensive meetings on Saturday. The two first met at a coffee shop near Goa Medical College and Hospital, Bambolim in the afternoon for about an hour. While Lawande then drove to Mapusa, Kamat stayed back in Panjim”. “The former CM along with a select group of people once again met Lawande at the latter’s Campal bungalow in the evening. Kamat’s wife Asha, who reportedly accompanied him, was later seen exiting the Lawande residence in a car at around 6:35pm. A number of people kept walking in and out of the Lawande residence”.

This looks like just the tip of an iceberg. Imagine how much will get revealed when all of these guys will have to face the Lokayukta, none of the ministers former or the ruling will be spared. Provided the Lokayukta remains unbiased and free from the influence of political parties. The possibility of the same looks bleak but there is nothing wrong in being positive. What do you think? Will the system ever change? Will the corrupt get punished? It is our money which we pay through the taxes and duties, and it is meant for the development of the nation, but unfortunately it is consumed by these rogue politicians and their counterparts. Please do leave your comments and suggestion on this.

Source: Various Sources

Edited by: Goa Prism News Desk

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