Five star hotels in north Goa involved into the high profile sex rackets claims report

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Lately, several sex rackets involving the locals as well celebrities cropped in the state. According to the news published on the various news channels in Goa, there is a strong involvement of Goa’s small and big hotels into this rackets. The sources claim that it is impossible for the sex rackets to survive without the shelter of hotels in Goa. The recent high profile sex racket disclosed the involvement of one of the five-star property in North Goa. Which is this property and how they are involved into this? Read the complete report here.

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Goa being one of the major tourist destinations in the world, prostitution, gambling and drugs have made its way into this tiny beautiful state. Although drugs come into the state with the involvement of foreigners but the gambling and prostitution is a local crop. Lately many small and big sex scandals have been unearthed by Goa Police involving the girls from various social backgrounds; this included some of the top models and Bollywood actresses too.

According to the one of the local cable news channel, the recent raid conducted by the Goa Police in the high-profile sex racket saw the involvement of one of the five-star properties in the north Goa. According to them, the business of sex racket does not remain limited to the small hotels in the coastal belts of Goa but it has now reached to the five-star hotels in Goa. While doing the interrogation of the main accused Anand Kumar alias Andy it has been surfaced that the high profile sex racket has now reached into the five-star hotels in Goa.

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According to the sources, the interrogation of Andy has revealed that high-profile actresses and models used to meet their clients into one of the five-star hotels in north Goa. The diary of Andy recovered by crime branch from his possession has the records of the hotel names and addresses in which he used to send the models and actresses to meet the clients.


The news channel also made the claim that, when these actresses used to meet their clients in the five-star properties, the resort’s manager was well aware of the reason behind their meetings. But the hotel official never gave away the information pertaining to this to the police. In one of the recent sex racket that was busted by the crime branch of Goa Police, the actress had checked in into one of the five-star properties in north Goa situated at Bambolim. The sources have confirmed the information that this actress had come to meet the client in Goa and it shows the clear involvement of the five start property into the racket.

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In this similar case when police demanded the records of the visitors from the hotel staff they declined to show the same on the account of customer privacy but when police officers applied a little pressure the hotel manager made the records available in front of police.

According to the sources, besides making use of the five-star properties in Goa Andy used also make use of his three posh apartments which he had rented out for the business of prostitution where he used to make the arrangement of high profile customers.

According to the sources, the records in possession of Andy made it clear that he used to deal with the small and big time Bollywood actresses and models from Mumbai and he used to make the arrangement of their stay into one of the five-star hotels in North Goa.

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Based on the shocking revelation made by Anand Kumar alias Andy, he used to charge between 20 thousand to 20 lakh per session to this client for providing the models and TV actresses to them. According to Anand he used to share 50 percent of the amount with the girls.

Based on the information was given by one of the senior officials in Goa Police, these models and TV actresses are getting involved in the prostitution due to nonavailability of regular work in Mumbai film industry and maintaining of their high profile lifestyle. The pimps like Andy makes use of this opportunity. According to the sources, the crime branch of Goa Police is doing further investigation to find out the names of the customers of Anand Kumar and very soon some high profile names might get surfaced before the media.

Source: Various sources


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