Father and Son Got Electrocuted in Kapleshwari Ponda

This year’s rains have claimed many lives across Maharashtra, but in Goa, there was hardly any life loss except this one wherein a father and son died due to electrocution caused by the heavy rains. According to the sources, both went on their terrace for some work and due to the heavy rains, the duo could not spot the live wire submerged into the water gathered on the terrace of their house in Ponda.

According to the reports published by the local television channel Prudent Media, In a tragic incident, father and son were electrocuted at Kaplishwari- Ponda. 64-years-old Vilash Raikar and 24-years-old son Grahesh Raikar both lost their lives after they were electrocuted at their own resident at Kapleshwari.

According to the villagers, this is the first case of such an incident in their village. Both the father and son were active in the field of art and culture. The father used to take part in all the cultural programs taking place in the village while the son used to do the modeling. Their untimely demise has shocked the entire village.

The Father and Son were Artists

One of the neighbors of the deceased told the media that due to heavy rains there was a flood-like situation in their village but despite the natural calamities there were no causalities in the village. “This is a really a very sad incident and in this village such incident never occurred,” he said adding that both son and father went on the terrace. “But no one knows what exactly happened when they did not return for a long time the neighbors went on to the terrace only to find them electrocuted.”


Soon the ambulance and fire brigade were summoned and the police first disconnected the electricity and removed to the bodies to send them to the hospital for the post mortem. said the sources. The doctors pronounced them dead on arrival.    

This the place they were staying in Ponda. They got electrocuted on the Terrace 

One has to be very careful these days as the entire streets are flooding and you never know which place there will be a naked electric wire hanging out of the boxes as most of the transformers are lying open across the state.

Please take enough caution these days as there won’t be second chance to correct your mistakes. you can share your views on this article.     

Source: Prudent Media

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