Failed Governance and Rising Corruption Is The State of an Affair in Goa – GSIA

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Goa Tourism Industry is one of the majorly affected areas even before the Pandemic

In yet another major embarrassment to the state government, the state’s top industries body, Goa State Industries Association (GSIA) has accused the state government, led by Pramod Sawant, of having failed to keep his promises of improving the state’s ease of doing business. 

The strongly-worded remarks come after Goa slipped in its ease of doing business ranging from 21 to 24. GSAI has made remarks stating that the government was ‘making life miserable for entrepreneurs.’

Across sectors, industries, including other smaller entrepreneur businesses have been struggling to make ends meet during the covid-19 pandemic. Also, with several shortfalls, such as labour and inter-state transport, has prompted many to go into debts, prompting some to even shut down. 

The Industries Association has also accused the Goa Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) of corruption charges, saying ‘corruption has scaled new heights’ within the GIDC. 

“Under the table rates are being fixed for every routine service. They (GIDC) have even fixed their commission for allotment of new plots in various industrial estates,” the industries association president Damodar Kochar stated. 


The Chief Minister had earlier assured a meeting to discuss the ease of doing business situation, however, till date nothing has materialized. Hitting back strongly at the CM, Kochar said, “What happened to the Chief Minister’s promise of a meeting to improve ease of doing business in Goa. Like all political assurances, this also seems to have been forgotten.” 

He added strong, “It looks like the industry is also at the bottom of his priority list.”

The industries, mostly the manufacturing sector, have been also badly hit, with several raw products and materials having met roadblocks earlier due to inter-state restrictions. Several units have also been struggling to pay their employees’ salaries. 

Several business units, especially entrepreneurs have had several roadblocks to overcome when it has been about setting up businesses due to several hurdles by the government, despite promises to ensure a smooth set-up process. 

The industry association has been at the forefront of helping several units make ends meet, however, the governments support is of utmost important moving ahead.  

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