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Shrimati Plastic-Free and Economic Menstrual Pads to Empower Women

Axzora Pvt Ltd and EthernetXperss announced the launch of ‘Shrimati’, Eco-friendly and reusable sanitary napkins. The launch of ‘Shrimati’ is a stepping stone towards sustainable,
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Shrimati Sanitary Pads
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Axzora Pvt Ltd and EthernetXperss announced the launch of ‘Shrimati’, Eco-friendly and reusable sanitary napkins. The launch of ‘Shrimati’ is a stepping stone towards sustainable, safe, and plastic-free hygiene. The product will be launched by Axzora Pvt Ltd and EthernetXpress in association with the Directorate of Women and Child Development and ASSOCHAM Goa on the 30th of May 2023 to celebrate World Menstrual Hygiene Day in Canacona, South Goa.

Project Shrimati

The eco-friendly and plastic-free sanitary napkin was developed by Sadr Foundation, in collaboration with Enactus JMI to help underprivileged women and female students to gain safe and easy access to healthy sanitary napkins and has been brought to Goa through Axzora Pvt Ltd and EthernetXpress. Shrimati pads are made using organic materials like pressed Bamboo fibre and Banana fibre and with zero plastic making their disposal easy and safe. “They last up to 12 months and they’re economic as they’re available at a reasonable price,” said Gunjan Sharma, Business Development Executive of Axzora and the Project Coordinator for Shrimati. The reusable pads last a long time, greatly reducing the cost of buying single-use sanitary pads ever so often, helping underprivileged women and young girls to be more economically empowered. The product has already been distributed in large quantities to women in the slums of Delhi prior to which it has undergone and passed multiple tests in SIMA labs, in Delhi. 

Empowering Women

The production of Shrimati pads also provides employment opportunities to women as the main production workforce is comprised of tribal and underprivileged women. During the launch of the product, upwards of 250 women are expected to attend the function and they will be educated about the importance of menstrual hygiene and at the same time the importance of eco-friendly products. They will also be distributing free sanitary napkins to tribal women. The launch of Shrimati will be a step towards empowering women and curbing single-plastic products. “Menstrual Hygiene is a human rights issue and not just a health issue. A lot of women in India lack access to menstrual products and sanitation facilities. Poor menstrual health and hygiene undercuts fundamental rights including the right to work and the right to go to school. So this will help girls and women to increase their self-esteem, ensure cleanliness, economic empowerment of women, help keep girls in school and also to end superstitions regarding menstruation” said Smt. Pallavi Salgaocar, ASSOCHAM Goa Chairperson on the importance of project Shrimati.

The Launch

The product will be officially launched on 30th May 2023 in commemoration of World Menstrual Hygiene Day at Canacona Village Panchayat, South Goa. Shri Ramesh Tawadkar, Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Goa is set to be the chief guest along with Smt. Savita Tawadkar. “It’s actually celebrated on 28 May but since Hon Speaker was unavailable on that day so we have decided to launch it on the 30th,” said Smt. Pallavi Salgaocar when asked about why the product is being launched on the 30th and not the 28th. Shri Sagar Govekar, MD, EthernetXpress further added that they are looking to appeal for more support from the government and support from various NGOs as well.


Axzora Pvt Ltd and EthernetXpress announced the official launch of  ‘Shrimati’, Eco-friendly and reusable sanitary napkins on the 30th of May at Canacona Village Panchayat is an inclusive initiative to empower, educate and employ underprivileged women in celebration of World Menstrual Hygiene Day.

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