Deadly Accident in Cuncolim Claims The Life of A 19-Year-Old, Villagers Demand Broadening of Road

Sometimes it is very difficult to understand the mindsets of some of the Local villagers. Here is the case of the typical road accident in which a teenager lost his life. The prima facie it is a clear case of rash and negligent driving, and according to the sources the deceased teenager was not wearing the helmet at the time of an accident, in that case why to blame the narrow road alone? The villagers are against the road widening and they do not want the highways to pass through their villages, and when the accident takes place, the same people come out in open, demanding the broader roads, Isn’t it the height of a hypocrisy??

According to the available information from the reliable sources, a 19-year-old Sunny was traveling on his Pulsar two-wheeler, while the four-wheeler was traveling in the opposite direction when the accident took place.

The condition of the two-wheeler is evident enough to tell the story of a speed at which the vehicles were traveling when met with an accident. The bike has been completely crushed, and the right side of a Car has been damaged. The Impact was so severe that the tires of four-wheeler turned to 90% due to crash.

The locals of Cuncolim blaming the narrow for an accident, and they are now demanding the broadening of a road. Mind it these are the same people who had stood against the broadening of the roads and making of highways, are now demanding the four-lane road in their village.

The road on which the accident took place is straight and without any obstructions, hence there is no possibility of impaired vision, and it is the case of rash and negligent driving/riding. The accident took place on Thursday morning, said the sources.


What are your views on this serious issue? Do you think that only the broadening of the road will minimize the road accident or it will be vis-a-versa? Please share your views in the comment box below…                  

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