Goa Tourism Minister on Family Vacation to the US? There is No Road Show, Claims Sources

The recent trip of Goa’s Tourism Minister Manohar Babu Ajgaonkar along with the GTDC Chairman Mr. Nilesh Cabral have become a family holiday rather than a tourism promotion claimed the one of Goa’s Leading local daily newspaper. According to them, the Minister went to the US trip along with his family members and relatives instead of to just three-member delegation for the purpose of a roadshow at Chicago which unfortunately did not take place. Now the question here is, in such cases, who is suppose to bear the cost of travel, stay, food & drink for the minister and their family members…

The matter came into the light when the local daily newspaper the Navhind Times brought the news on “A junket to the US for Ajgaonkars” The Tourism Minister’s visit to the USA for the roadshow which did not take place. According to the reports, An official three-member delegation of the tourism department presently visiting the US as led by Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar and including Chief Secretary Dharmendra Sharma as well as deputy director of the department Rajesh Kale has come under scanner with the inclusion of additional ‘unofficial’ members to it, namely the wife and the daughter of the Tourism Minister as well as his brother and sister-in-law.

The purpose of the visit to the USA was to attend the Road Show which was supposed to take place at Chicago to explore the possibilities of improvement in tourism in Goa, But due to some reasons, that road show did not happen. According to the reports published in the Navhind Times, the Director of Tourism Mr. Menino D’souza ignored the subject by changing it to speaking about Goa tourism promotion. However, the Director did not make it clear as to why the family members of the Minister suppose to visit the promotions in the USA. In fact, the road show that was planned in Chicago didn’t actually take place. What are the associates doing even after the canceled event?

According to the sources, Instead of looking after the situation in Goa on the unclean beaches and tourism malpractices, the authorities seem to be touring foreign land with the government capital as a family holiday. In all these years, the Tourism Heads, its employees have been traveling to foreign lands claiming of promoting Goa, but what is this promotion? Is the promotion about ‘Come to Goa, you will find amazing broken benches’? (please take a look at the Miramar beach, there is no single bench in good condition)   

The Director of Tourism Mr. Menino didn’t bother much because these things have been happening even in the past and will continue in the future too. He said, “In the competitive tourism sector, we need to promote Goa tourism in all those places around the world, which has little or no idea about Goa as a tourism destination”.The Goa Tourism Development Corporation use to handle these road shows but since recent times the task has been entrusted to the tourism department. The finance department has raised objections to these problems in the budget sourcing; as always the budget exceeds its limits and has no control over the expenditure made for the hosted festivals and tourism plans.


The Goa state which is already burdened under the lots of loans and even the CM’s treatment have been taken care by the state and in such condition, the foreign tours along with the family for fun cannot be accepted by the people of Goa. What is your say on this issue? Please share your views and comments in the comment box below.


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