COVID Mismanagement At Goa’s Apex Hospital Exposed

The State of a COVID Ward at GMC

At a time when Goa is seeing over 600 new cases daily and on an average 10 deaths a day, the state’s medical infrastructure continues to reel under extensive pressure. While on the one hand beds at covid hospitals are being filled to capacity, on the other, the government has lapsed to manage the entire covid situation in the state ‘well’. 

Certain visuals from inside a COVID ward from Goa Medical College (GMC) have surfaced and it is nothing short of a ‘sorry state of affairs’ of our top hospitals. 

Several activists and locals have accused the government of gross covid mismanagement and a complete lack of empathy towards Goans in this fight against covid-19. 

As per the visuals, according to an activist, one person admitted in the covid ward 147 vomited blood the previous night, and no one approached the patient to provide any medical attention. 


The photos, reportedly taken the next morning, show the blood still on the floor, with no cleaning staff tending to clean the area. 

This is just one of the many incidents that have surfaced out from the state’s top hospital. The government, claiming to provide the best medical treatment to Goans, continues to fail on several ends, as several measures into making covid facilities available are undertaken at the last minute. 

Furthermore, an activist accused the government of using covid hospital as a cover to avoid news and mismanagement from within the hospital to surface out to the general public. 

Activist Tara Kerkar also blamed the government and Health Minister Vishwajit Rane for having failed to provide proper medical facilities for Goans. “No proper cleaning staff, no proper treatment, then who will get better (from covid),” she asked. Taking a jibe, she said the government then provides statistics of the dead. 

Last week, certain photos of patients lying on the floors had surfaced, and the Chief Minister acknowledged that there was a shortage of beds for that one day, and quickly added up the arrangements for those patients and moved quickly at other hospitals. 

While frontline healthcare workers continue to work round the clock to ensure proper treatment, the government has been on the backfoot at providing the right support and backbone needed for the covid warriors. 

On the other hand, the public apathy local Goans have to go through is endless, while political leaders and bureaucrats avail medical treatment for covid easily at private hospitals. Furthermore, the rates capped by the state government at private hospitals are not affordable to common citizens, as the prices are nearly double that of capped by other state governments.

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