Pernem Youth Commits Suicide In Fear of Being Falsely Framed In Drug Case

Pernem Youth Commit Suicide
Pernem Youth Commit Suicide (The Image for representational purpose only)

In a sad incidence, one youth from the Pernem area committed suicide after he feared his name would be falsely mentioned in a certain drug-related case. 

A tense situation prevailed, as it has surfaced that a rift between two groups had been prevalent in the area. Accordingly, in certain drug-related cases, a reported blame game existed and the groups were involved in an argument about the same. 

Following this, Guru Parsekar, in fear of being framed in the drug-related case, committed suicide the previous night. The family has demanded strict action against those persons responsible for his death. 

The Pernem police however haven’t divulged any particular information about this case. According to certain persons, it is still not clear whether the deceased name was even in the list of ‘suspects’ involved in the drug-related case that was under the scanner of the authorities. 


Following the youth’s death, the family, along with others gathered in large numbers demanding justice. The exact nature of the drug-related case and the involvement of persons is still not clear. 

As reported, efforts were being made to get the two groups to a certain understanding, but post the suicide, the situation was out of reach for the people. 

Local groups have even urged certain measures to ensure youth get proper counseling.  

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