In one of the most shocking indent that took place in south Goa, a body of 25-year-old Irish woman found totally naked with her face smashed lying in a pool of blood at Devbag Beach in Cancona south Goa. This incident refreshed the memories of Scarlet Keeling murder case which took place in North Goa around eight years back. The name of the deceased is revealed as Danielle McLaughlin.

According to the information available from the reliable sources, a 25-year-old Irish Woman Danielle McLaughlin was found brutally murdered and her fully naked body was lying in the field, around 150 meters from the main road, at Devbag in Canacona on Tuesday. Police suspect the possibility of rape of the deceased prior to her murder. Soon after receiving the information the Canacona police swung into action and detained several suspects before zeroing down to a thief and ex-convict Vikat Bhagat, who is the prime suspect in this case, said the police sources. The police have registered the case as murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and arrested Bhagat, who will be produced in court on Wednesday for remand.

The Deputy Superintendent of the police Sammy Tavares has said that that looking at the position of the body as it was found lying fully naked in the field nearby the shack the possibility of rape cannot be ruled out at this moment. However, he still feels that the police will have to wait till the post-mortem is conducted on the body to ascertain whether there was a sexual assault on the woman. The face of the victim looked like smashed with some blunt object as there were several bruises cuts on the face which inflicted probably using a blunt object, said police.


The police sources have informed that the victim along with her another friend an UK national had recently shifted to Canacona from Arambol in north Goa and they had put up in Festival Valley at Agonda. The victim was on her vacation in Goa. The case has been investigated by the Canacona police inspector Filomina Costa who is assisting Tavares in the investigations.           

PI Costa told the media that the police received an information at around 8 am on Tuesday that a dead body was lying naked in a field. Costa, along with a police team, rushed to the scene and after the inquest panchanama registered a case of murder. Soon, Tavares, Sanguem police inspector Uttam Raut Desai and Superintendent of Police (crime) Umesh Gaonkar arrived and took stock of the situation.

Police detained the suspect Bhagat on the tip of information from the reliable sources saying that the deceased woman was seen with Bhagat on Monday. Further investigation into the case is in progress. According to the sources, in year1994 two murders had taken place in the state. Indu murder and Sulaksha Marathe murder, while two years back, another Pagi community woman was murdered at Mastimol valley in Canacona.

The memories of brutal rape and murder of UK national Scarlet Keelings has been refreshed, said the sources. The body of UK teenager Scarlet was found semi-naked on the Anjuna beach in 2008. Scarlet was staying there after she befriending a local tour guide. Scarlett was on a six-month trip to India with her extended family in 2008 when the tragedy struck. The 15-year-old had left her family to attend Valentine’s Day party in Anjuna and was found drowned on the beach days later.

Meanwhile, the residents of Devbag suspects the hands of some domestic tourists as well as the locals who came down to Goa on the day Holi and villagers have seen many of them putting the colors and mixing with the foreigners on the day of Holi. The police may also do the investigations in that direction. Police have recorded the statements of many and investigation will be made in that direction said the sources. 

This is one of the several cases of foreigner tourists murdered and raped in Goa, said the sources. In the Scarlet murder case, the suspects have gone scot-free due to the lack of evidence and this case may also turn out to be the same. It will all depend on the mode of investigation and seriousness of making this case to the court for the justice to the victim. The case is in the initial stage and police is doing their investigations and soon some more details will be surfaced. We will keep you updated as it happens, please do not forget to leave your valuable comments and suggestions here.



  1. The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?” Bible said. (Jeremiahs 17:9)” because of this people did a greatest crimes…. Unless people doesn’t known the God sovereignty it will be continue always…

  2. It is nothing but the clash of cultures. Backward North Indians coming to Goa and South and then doing what they please. They shoudl understand the difference between the Hindi belt and the Southern states of which Goa is a part. Our development has become our curse. Time to ask for passport or work permit from these people who are not from our states.

  3. Rapes are encouraged by rampant nudity around in the form of semi-naked, scantily n tightly dressed women, vulgar movies even the famous Hindi ones and rampant drinking. The high number of brutes in the sub continent can’t endure this much openness and resort to brutal violence against women. Lesser creatures demand harsh laws and blind application of justice.

  4. Most of the foreign tourist visiting Jaipur, Rajasthan. Being a Indian I feel ashmed of my self. They are not safe here also. The way street vendors are dealing and behaving with them is very ridiculous .No one is taking actions against them. Pls stop this

  5. Whom shall we put the blame on, the society or individuals. Every now n then there s a news of rape n murder everywhere n everyday….they will understand only if it happens to their love n dear ones….. Shameless dogs

  6. What a disgrace .. these bunch of indian despos who are like almost 70 percent don’t respect their own woman .. how can we expect them to treat a foreign lady well .. disgusting ..such men should be hanged ..I guess India needs to introduce one degree where they can educate Indian men about how to treat a lady well.Seriously feeling pathetic living in such a society ..

  7. I’m tired of all this news. Why we Indian can’t change sexual morality and murder. Not only in goa but whole over India especially talking about our capital city. Sometimes I feel ashamed to be an Indian. My humble request to the authority of this case please make it sure it conclude with the right judgement and penalty, please don’t lose like Scarlet’s case…😞😞😞

  8. I thought Goa is a beautiful and safe place to servive but I was wrong. Its so sad to put our nation unto this brutal incident. When we talk about safety in India it is only the COWS that we concern.

  9. It is very sad when humans turn into wild animals , I wish this guy should be hanged in public so that this never happens again ever,

    I am heartbroken as a stranger, imagine the grief of her parents , hope God gives them strength.


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