When the Weather Gets Tough: 7 Tips for Surviving a Hot Summer Day

When the weather is cold, staying warm is easy as all one has to do is bundle up in layers of thermals, sweaters, socks, and jackets. However, in the high heat of the summer, it’s difficult to stay cool in the sweltering sun as there are only so many layers we can take off. But as we all know, maintaining the proper body temperature is vital for our health.

Speaking of which, the following are things we should all consider when the weather begins heating up:

1. Consume more fruit.


Because fruits have a high water content, they can keep us hydrated, and thus, cooler, during the summer months. Fruit can also be considered a natural sunscreen as they can help protect our skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

2. Wear thin, loose clothing.


Most folks know to wear light-colored clothing during higher heat, but it’s also vital that one wears thin materials that are breathable and won’t trap in heat. Likewise, wearing loose as opposed to skin-tight clothing is a good idea during the hotter months. After all, nobody likes clothing sticking to them as they’re sweating bullets!

3. Stay away from caffeine.


Sorry, coffee lovers, but caffeine is one of your worst enemies in the summer. Coffee, tea, and other beverages with caffeine constrict the blood vessels which in turn warm the blood, and in turn, the rest of your body. This is true even if the caffeinated beverages you’re drinking are iced. Plus, caffeine is dehydrating. That said, stick to water or sports drinks during summer.

4. No air conditioner? No problem. Rent one!


Having a swamp cooler or air conditioner that properly works is a must during the heat of the summer. With an AC on rent, you have the power to conveniently cancel your subscription at any time. Likewise, you can take your AC with you if you decide to move elsewhere.

5. Drink coconut water.


Coconut water is one of the most hydrating electrolyte-containing beverages known to man. Consuming this tropical drink will not only cool you off, but it can help prevent your cardiovascular system from overworking in the heat as coconut water can decrease hypotension.

6. Change the bulbs in your home to LED bulbs.


LED bulbs are the bulbs of the present and future. They not only help us save on our energy bill; they also keep our home cooler in the summer. Why? Because they use less energy, LED bulbs are also cooler to the touch, which means your home won’t need to be unnecessarily hotter than it needs to be when your indoor lighting is in use.

7. Rent an extra refrigerator.


Opting for a fridge on rent is a great idea if your current one lacks the space you need for the number of cold drinks and chilled snacks you’ll require as the weather heats up. In the summertime, you can never have too much refrigerator space, especially if you’ll be hosting summer parties!


Although it’s inevitable that the heat outdoors cranks up during the months of summer, what’s not inevitable is letting health problems arise because you’re not making the effort to stay cool this time of year. However, by following the latter tips, you can ensure your entire body inside and out will be thriving, even on a mental and emotional level.

Image Source: FEMINIS

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