This may one of the most peculiar case wherein a 15-year-old girl was found dead following the scuffle over the washing of clothes in the public. The deceased Megha’s family alleges that she was killed by violent neighbours but the police smell some other angle and according to them the girl died after getting hurt with the kitchen knife her father was wielding. “In the scuffle, Megha and Pooja fell down and her father, Rajesh, fell on them, piercing her chest with the knife. She succumbed to that injury. An offense against seven persons involved in the scuffle, including the father of a deceased, has been registered by Police.

The simple case has become a complicated murder mystery. The real reason behind the death of 15-year-old Meghana is yet to be ascertained by the police since according to them the case has become more complicated due to the sequence of stories narrate to them by the family and neighbours of the deceased. According to the sources, the story had begun with a brawl over washing of a cloth in public which resulted in the death of Maghana. 


According to the sources, a 15-year-old resident of Goregaon was allegedly beaten to death last by six neighbors when she and her sister confronted them about an altercation that had unfolded earlier in the day. Meghana Agavne, a Std XI student, and resident of Siddhartha Nagar, Goregaon West, was heading to school at 10.30 am on Monday when she slipped on soap suds in an alley used by the public to exit the neighborhood.


The alley lined by houses on either side was being used by a neighbour, Manda Subhas Ghoderao (45), to wash her clothes. When Megha rebuked over this issue the fight took place between the deceased and Ghoderao which was later joined by two more ladies from the similar locality. Sangeeta Agavne, a mother of a deceased Maghana claimed that her daughter was hit by the bucket on her head during the fight Megha managed to escape the situation and fled home. The Aagvne family approached the Goregaon police, where an NC complaint against the three women had been filed. The family says police turned up in the neighborhood later in the day, warned the three women and left.

According to the sources, things took an ugly turn after Megha’s sister, Pooja (22), returned home from work at 7 pm. When she came to know of an alleged assault on her younger sister, the furious Pooja accompanied Megha to Ghoderao’s house to pick up arguments. This time five other neighbors along with Ghoderao joined into the arguments. They allegedly used derogatory remarks at the girls that resulted in a scuffle. All six women attacked Megha and Pooja. Hearing their cries for help, the girls’ parents rushed to the spot but couldn’t overpower the group. In the brawl, Pooja noticed that Megha had collapsed.


“We didn’t notice when she collapsed while they were hitting us with their bare hands. I rushed to Megha, who was lying motionless on the floor, but she didn’t respond. She died right before us and we couldn’t help,” Pooja told the police. According to Pooja, she did not go for fighting with the neighbours but her intention was just to clear the misunderstanding took place earlier in the day. But when she approached Ghideraos the brawl began. “I didn’t want to aggravate matters. I only wanted them to stop harassing us. They used to pass dreadful comments about us. Whenever they saw us talking to a man, they teased us. But, that evening, they began hitting us without even listening to us.”

Sangeeta, the mother of deceased claimed that they approached the police after the first alleged assault because Pooja’s head was swollen after the bucket hit. She also raised the suspicion of the six women attacking her daughter with a sharp object like a knife. The Goregaon police have filed a FIR against the six women. No arrest has been made as yet. Megha’s body was taken to Siddhartha Hospital, Goregaon, for a post-mortem examination last night. “The post-mortem examination report will indicate the cause of death. We will also probe if she was injured by a weapon or died of internal injuries,” said a police officer present at the hospital.

Neighbour Manda Ghoderao’s home Pics/Pradeep Dhivar (SOURCE)

Meanwhile, Vikram Deshmane, the zonal deputy commissioner of police, told the media that Megha died of an injury caused by a kitchen knife her father was wielding, although there are no enough evidence to support this claims, said the sources. The further investigation is in progress, and the death of a minor girl still remains a mystery.      




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