This is the case of suicide under mysterious circumstances but the Mumbai police have registered the case as an accidental death. In this case, a married woman hanged herself within just one month of her marriage after calling her husband one last time. According to the sources, The couple, who resided in Mulund, was married just a month ago; victim’s mother says she doesn’t blame anyone for this; the police have registered an accidental death report in the matter but the reason behind this murder is not yet known.

According to the news report, All was well till Pratiksha Sandhu celebrated being the new bride at her in-laws’ house in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune. After she returned home in Mulund on Sunday evening, things somehow changed in her mind. After calling her husband Hitesh Motwani and telling him that it was her last telephonic conversation, she hanged herself. But why? the question remains unanswered and may remain that way forever as the police have registered this case of suicide as an accidental death.


According to the sources, the deceased Pratikha Sandhu was working with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), hailing from Kondwa in Pune. She had married to Motwani, also a TCS employee, a month back. According to the police, Motwani’s parents had organized a function at home to welcome her. After attending it, she decided to return to Mumbai as she had work.

On reaching home around 4.30 pm on Sunday, she called up Motwani and thereafter hanged herself. Motwani told the police that there were no differences between him and his wife deceased Pratiksha, but that Sandhu had been sounding very sad and depressed over the phone. He also said that before hanging up, she expressed her regret for not being able to keep him happy.

SUICIDE – The building in Mulund where the deceased, Pratiksha Sandhu, and her husband Hitesh Motwani lived. Pic/Rajesh Gupta (SOURCE)

In his statement to the police, Motwani also mentioned that he tried to call her, but the calls went unanswered. Worried, he immediately left Pune and reached his house in Mulund around 6.40 pm to find her hanging. After conducting a post-mortem, the police handed over the body to her family.

Speaking to mid-day, sub-inspector of Mulund police station Dilip Mane said, “After Motwani reached the house, he rang the doorbell several times but did not get any response. He then broke it open and found Pratiksha hanging. No suicide note has been recovered from the spot. We have registered an accidental death report in the matter. The deceased’s mother told us that she does not blame anyone for her daughter’s suicide.”




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