This may be one of the most disgusting incidents that took place in the India’s biggest metro city Mumbai. A 12-year-old boy was sexually assaulted by his own childhood friends. Another more shocking fact here is, all the 10 friends of the victim are minor and in the age group of 11 and 13. According to the sources, the incident of sexual assault on the minor was going for almost eight months. All 10 culprits were booked for the crime yesterday and were sent to the children’s correction home in Dongri, said the sources.

According to the sources, this dreadful incident had taken place at Andheri, one of the Suburbs of Mumbai. The reports say that victim boy and his friends live in the same neighborhood and they all studied at the same school. The sexual abuse came to light after one of the boys’ mother discovered that they had all been exploiting the victim.


The incident of sexual abuse on the minor had started eight months back when he was out playing with his friends. The sources have revealed that initially, it was two friends who abused him and warned him to not to disclose the incident to anyone. However, they told the rest of the group what they had done, after which the others began to take turns abusing the survivor.


According to the police reports, the accused boys told the victim that, they had made a video of an act and if the victim tells this to anyone, they would share it on the social media. They also compelled the victim boy to fulfill their demands on a regular basis to avoid the video getting viral on the social media.

The victim kept quiet under the pressure from the accused boys, but in the last week, when one of the culprits was caught with excess cash on him. Questioned by his mother, the accused said the victim had given him the money. When she asked him why, he could not give a satisfactory answer, so she took him to the survivor’s home and confronted both kids in the presence of the survivor’s mother.

The victim then revealed an ordeal of an agony he had been going through all this while. He was taken for a medical examination. Senior police inspector of Andheri police station, Pandit Thorat, confirmed that a FIR was registered under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

The incident of sexual abuse has become very common nowadays, but this incident is completely different. This incident is an indication of lowering moral values at the very early age. It also indicates the lack of sexual edition at the schools. In today’s standard, every school must have the subject of sex education and the children to be made aware of the consequences of sexual abuse including the outcomes and stringent punishments.




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