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A Restaurant Owner Shot Dead By Food Delivery Boy and Two Others

Sunil Agarwal From Greater Noida was running his online food delivery restaurant named Zam Zam in an apartment complex known as Mitra.
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Restaurant Owner From Greater Noida Shot Dead
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On Tuesday, August 31, the restaurant owner of an online delivery restaurant in Greater Noida was shot dead by a food delivery boy and two others. All the three accused were arrested today after an encounter with the police.

On Tuesday night, a Swiggy delivery agent visited the restaurant to collect a delivery order of chicken biryani and poori sabji. Three men driving near the restaurant then arrived at the scene and approached the delivery agent to ask about a job.

According to the police, when the Swiggy agent’s order was delayed, he got into an argument with an employee. The three drunk men then jumped into the fight. When the restaurant owner tried to rescue them, one of the three men allegedly shot him, Sunil Agarwal, in the head, the police said.

One of the restaurant employees and other staff members rushed the man to a Yatharth Hospital, where he was declared dead.

“The staff called me to say their owner was shot. When I reached, he was still breathing. I first dialed 100 and then called for an ambulance. We finally took him to hospital in our car,” said Rakesh Nagar, who lives near the restaurant.

All the three men then escaped on their bikes after they shot Agarwal dead. 

After an intensive investigation by the Beta 2 Police team, by checking CCTV footage and spreading out to look for the suspects, an encounter broke out, where one of the suspects was shot on his leg. However, the police were able to arrest all three suspects. 

The police recovered pistols and bullets from the accused. They have pleaded guilty.

“Today, inspector Beta 2 and their team were checking out near Zero Point when they saw three men approaching them on a bike. We already had inputs about the suspected bike number plate. When we tried to stop them, they fled towards University road. 

Another police party created a blockade from the University roadside, and the riders started firing at police. In a counter-firing exchange, a criminal named Vikas Chaudhary was shot in the leg and was injured. He has been admitted to a hospital. We have recovered a pistol from him, and the Splendor bike used in the crime was also recovered,” said the police.

Swiggy stated about the incident and saying: “What has been reported is very concerning. We have reached out to the concerned authorities to help verify the identity of the individual involved in this heinous incident and if such person was associated with Swiggy”.

The statement added: “All delivery partners on Swiggy are on-boarded for providing delivery services after a background verification which includes checking for any court cases or criminal antecedents and are not disincentivized for any delays.”

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