The shocking incident of a 13-year-old boy getting drowned at Mapusa came into the light following the group of schoolboys gone swimming at sluice gate in Acoi. The reports claimed that the minor boy went missing immediately after the group of schoolboys entered the water for swimming…

According to the sources in Mapusa police, a group of six schoolboys had gone for swimming at a sluice gate in Acoi, after finishing their school timings. Suddenly the boys realised that the water level started raising, and four of them managed to come out of the water, while two of them started drowning.

The four boys who managed to come out of the water went in search of help from the nearby vicinity. But when they returned back with the help, they saw that one of the boys is struggling to save himself by holding on the mangroves, while other went missing. The rescued boy was identified as Mashooq khan, 12-year-old, a resident of Karaswada.

Immediately the fire brigade and police were summoned by the locals, and they started searching the 13-year-old Mohammed Ashik Majid, who went missing following the sudden rise in the water level.

The search operation launched by the fire brigade personal with the help of locals finally managed to recover the body of deceased Majid, a resident of Canca and native of Tamil Nadu.

Mapusa police conducted panchanama and send body for post-mortem and registered the case of an unnatural death case. PSI Paresh Ramnathkar is further investigating the case.

The swimming at Sluice gate is very dangerous, as one does not realise the sudden rise in water level and underwater current. There are many cases of growing but, people still don’t understand. Many a time the gatekeepers are not present at the sluice gate. Please share your views on this case.



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