You Cannot Avoid Formalin Laced Fish, But You Can Surely Get Rid of the Formalin, Here are some Tips

There is a recent hustle going on in the state of Goa about the fish containing hazardous chemicals causing cancer. During the monsoon, there is a ban on fishing in the state, and thus the is fish imported from neighboring states which reaches Goa only after two days, and to keep the fish fresh, the suppliers make use of Formalin chemical which is hazardous and can lead to cancer.   

The raids conducted in Goa on 12th July 2018 by FDA had the first time revealed the traces of Formalin in high content, as suggested by most of the media. The fish samples were taken for analysis in laboratories and the vendors were clearly informed not to sell any stock until a reply from the laboratory.

But Goans still can’t resist the taste of fish, can you? Take a seat and relax, here in this article there are some Tips and Tricks that will save you from the chemicals used in the products and help you live longer!

How many of us buy fruits, vegetables, and fish? Almost all of us… We consider these items to be nutritious for our health. We want to exercise well, have a good diet, skin, hair and free from health issues and since small we are taught that eating these items will help us gain all of the above. But, are you sure that these vegetables, fruits, and fishes are safe???


How many of you aware of the toxic chemicals used to store and preserve these healthy items? We all enjoy eating it, but what we actually take in our system is a dangerous chemical known as Formalin that causes cancer.

Ever wondered why so many people living a healthy lifestyle have been diagnosed with cancer? There could be many reasons why one gets cancer and the consumption of formalin is one of them.

The Formalin chemical is a carcinogenic acid that is used to store dead bodies in morgues. Creepy, right? So why is it used in our food products exactly? Let us see below…

Fishes and fruits or vegetables are most often transported from different places. Sometimes it takes days to reach its destination. By the time it reaches to us, it may deteriorate.  Let’s take an example, how does the fish in the freezer remain fresh for days? No living organism has the capability of that. The body starts decomposing immediately once lifeless.  So how does our fish remain so tasty and fresh? Well, it is all the work of the chemical used to preserve the fish and make it look as fresh as possible until consumption.  That is the reason why it is also used in morgues to store and preserve the dead bodies.


Problems with consumption of formalin:

Formalin has the ability to make you ill. Here are a few details on the dangers this substance could cause:

  • Formalin can cause diseases in the liver, kidneys, and heart.
  • Excessive formalin consumption can cause Ulceration, Gastritis, Liver Cirrhosis, and Liver Cancer
  • Formalin also harms the bone marrow
  • It can cause Anemia and Leukemia i.e Blood Cancer
  • If consumed by a pregnant woman or newborn babies, the situation could be worse probably resulting in a miscarriage or death of the infant.

Among all these problems the fish is considered to be Goa’s staple diet, and yet itself is considered not safe. The most amount of formalin used was in the storage of fish compared to the other items. While we know it is unsafe for us at the moment, the government claims it is safe.

Why is it so? Let us see the political side of this story.


FDA and Political Conflicts:

The entire issue has taken a political twist in the state. As the problem of the chemically stored fishes came to light, the opposition party (Congress) alleged that the government (BJP) is playing with the lives of people by allowing the sale of fish stored in cold storage with formalin. This happened right after the state’s Agriculture Minister Vijay Sardesai gave a clean chit to the wholesalers claiming that the chemical levels were within permissible limits.

As we have seen above, the chemicals used for storing the fish is quite harmful, thus, what needs to be understood is that permissible or not, formalin is a not a good substance for the living human body.

Pertaining to this issue, Congress blamed the BJP for having acted careless endangering the people of Goa with the allowance of fish sale. Apparently, the government seems to be acting under the pressure of the fishermen and the many strikes held by them. 

It is difficult to navigate and settle down the issue. If the sale of fish is discontinued in the state the fishermen will have a problem being it the only source of income for them. Hence, the entire monsoon will be a loss for the fishermen.

According to Dr. Oscar Rebello’s article – ‘Control Formalin or Face Cancer’ in which he speaks about the hoteliers and restaurant owners to gather all scientific facts about the fish storage before serving it on a platter to the customers.  “Our tourism is about death by drugs, sex, alcohol, and selfies… killing our guests with seafood is now a fantastic new kettle of fish”, he says.

Somehow, amidst all these occurring issues, there seems to be an answer found. The answer to all the doubts and questions on the chemically stored fish.

Apparently, the test conducted in the FDA laboratory had shown the traces of formalin in the fish which according to them was in permissible limit and inherent in the fish. In a recent press release on July 13th, 2018 by the Directorate of Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), people were informed that marine fish naturally contains a certain amount of formalin.

How is this true?

Well,  after some thorough research, the scientific papers published in the International Journal of Fisheries, aquatic studies has the proof that freshly caught fishes contain the natural formaldehyde in the range of 145 mg/kg to 2.6 mg/kg. It also says that the concentration of formalin may vary depending on the climatic conditions, geographical areas, and marine waters. Hence, the reports are clear- with naturally existing formaldehyde and no formalin added.

However, despite this confirmation, how can we personally be sure of the health effects even though it is naturally existing formalin? Or… what if the formalin chemical is still added without our knowledge?

Like the old saying “where there is a will, there is a way”. Take a look below to find out a way to stay away from the chemicals used in your main diet- the fish along with other items.

You will find your help below!

Solutions to your formalin problems:

Sometimes we are not aware whether or not we are consuming Formalin. The fruit and vegetable products may look very fresh, it may be tempting to the eye and we immediately purchase them. But we neglect the threats. We still want to crawl and dive into the taste of these food items. Thus, here are a few hacks that will fulfill your desire and also make you immune to the dangers of formalin. Want to know how? Follow the steps below


In order to remove the chemicals from vegetables, you need to make use of nature’s powerful element Salt.  All you need to do…

  • Fill a bowl of water
  • Add salt
  • Dip the vegetables in the mixture and keep it for 10-15 minutes
  • After that, wash it again

Your work is over, now you can eat 95% healthy vegetable that is formalin free.


Unlike vegetables, fruits are stored and preserved for a longer period. The chemical shows its delicious looking color so fresh when you purchase it from the market. Follow the instructions to eliminate the formalin. Repeat the same process as used for vegetables, but store it for an hour this time. Your fruits will be free of chemical and healthy to consume.


Fish is loved and eaten a lot, mostly by Goans. As the recent news suggests the danger of stored fishes containing formalin, people are afraid to consume them. You don’t have to worry since there is a solution for a formalin-free fish.  You can happily cook your favorite fish dishes.

  • Soaking fish in salt water for an hour eliminates 60% formalin
  • Soaking fish in salt water for an hour and a half eliminates 90% formalin
  • Soaking fish in 80% water with 20% VINEGAR results in 100% formalin free fish.

Do not forget to do these things; it will benefit your health. Formalin is unnoticeable, and sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish between a fresh product and stored product. These steps will definitely help you. The use of salt and vinegar will eliminate the dangers of formalin giving you a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Share it with everyone you know and save them from the dangers of stored food products. Also, share your views and opinions in the comment box below.

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