Government Claims Formalin is Inherent in Fish, But Marine Biologist Experts Says, It is False!!

Who knows more about the fish than the one who deals with the marine life sciences? The Marine Biologist experts have refuted the claim of Goa government saying that formalin not inherent in fish. This makes the statement of FDI and Goa government completely baseless and false. Is Goa government telling lies to the people of Goa? Why? to benefit whom? and on what basis the experts have concluded that there is formalin inherent in Fish? Let’s take a look at in the following story…    

The ongoing issue of the traces of (formaldehyde) Formalin present in the fish has shaken the state. Following the FDA raid on the fish trucks coming from the neighboring states into Goa have exposed the use of Formalin in the fish. But immediately after the news appeared on social media the government machinery started working on it and the first statement came in from the Fatorda MLA and Agriculture Minister, Vijai Sardesai saying that the formalin used on the fish is within the permissible limits.

There is no doubt that in our country the politicians handle the portfolios which they have nothing to do with, to become the education minister one need not be an educationist or to become the finance minister no background of finance required similarly, a businessman can become an Agriculture minister without any knowledge or background of Cultivation.

The trucks filled with the fish had been raided by the FDA and it was revealed that the fish containing in the trucks have access amount of formalin but soon after it went for the lab test the reports suggested that the formalin is used in a permissible limit. How does it sound when someone tells you that he is giving you the poison but within permissible limits??


Anyways, coming back to the FDA, the statement of permissible limits was obviously not accepted by the Goans, who are much educated and smart, the FDA released the statement saying the “Fish has Inherent formalin” here the experts decided to enter into the picture and made a claim that “There is no Inherent Formalin in the Fish”

According to the reports published in the TOI, two experts (the marine biologists) have stated that the cancer-causing chemical is a highly toxic, synthetic compound and cannot be naturally present in the fish. An expert, Dr. Joe D’souza, a microbiologist and former head of Goa University’s microbiology department has apparently confirmed that the statement made by the FDA of naturally existing formalin is completely false. The naturally existing chemicals are only chemicals like aldehyde that produces energy through metabolism

Another expert, Dr. Anil Chatterji, a marine biologist working for 40 years with the National Institute of Oceanography clearly states that formalin is not a naturally occurring compound. “Compounds like amino acids can be naturally present in fish, but formalin cannot be naturally present.”

In fact, even the tiniest bit of formalin present in the fish becomes hazardous for human consumption. We have already come across how the formalin stiffens the muscles and causes different diseases especially cancer.

Have you ever been to a science lab, at least in your school days? You might have seen a fish stored in a jar of liquid is actually formalin. Do you think it is healthy to eat a fish like that? But apparently, we were eating the formalin laced fish until the ‘use of formalin in fishes’ came to light? Even in the lab’s researchers and scientists are advised to wear gloves and masks while coming in contact with formalin, so much can it affect while consumed?

Dr. Chatterji says that even when 2ppm of formalin is applied to a live fish they immediately die. This is because of the neuro-toxin presence stopping all the physiological activity in the body. The exact same thing will occur to the human body if formalin laced fish is consumed often.

The formalin hat penetrates through the skin enters the cells damaging the nucleus which in turn results in disruption of DNA. That is how cancerous cells begin multiplying in a formalin consumed the body. Of course, the lower levels might not have an immediate effect on the body, but gradually the sickness begins.

Finally, the experts assured that nowhere is this dangerous chemical formalin recommended as a preservative for fish used for human consumption.

Now all the question here is, does the FDA acted upon the instructions from some ministers and changed the reports? Is the sale of fish used to increase the hotel and restaurant business in the state? After all, Goa is a tourist place and it has to keep up with its culture… does it mean that the states finance needs should be put before the Goans lives? What do you feel? Please leave your comments and suggestions on this serious issue.

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