Based on the reports coming from Canacona, on Friday afternoon at around 4 pm, a fatal road accident took place in Agonda killing two UK nationals on the spot and leaving one more injured. The Road accident was so severe that the tourists traveling on their two-wheelers came under the wheels of the truck following their bikes collided with a truck. Both the tourists are said to be from Europe, and they were in Goa to celebrate the new year said the sources…

According to the sources, the deceased named Daniel John, aged 38, and Hannah Rachel S, aged 24 were on their sightseeing sprees when the accident took place. The duo was riding the bullet motorcycles and from Canacona to Agonda when their bikes collided head-on with the oncoming truck.


The impact of the accident was so severe that both of them came under the wheels of the truck and died on the spot. The female tourist Hannah came under the rear while Daniel was crushed under the front wheels of the truck.

According to the Canacona police the third victim Garry Powell, 72 also from the UK had survived in this accident with injuries and he had been admitted to the Margao Hospecio Hospital for the treatment.

The police further said that the foreigners were on their sightseeing tour to Canacona and were rising two bullet motorcycles when the accident took place. The bodies of the deceased had been sent to Hospecio for conducting the postmortem.

The truck driver had been detained by the Canacona police for rash and negligent driving and according to the police sources, he will be formally arrested under the several charges under IPC for driving in a rash manner thus causing the death.    

The growth in the road accidents towards the end of the year in the state due to an increased number of vehicles and most of the tourists driving in a rash and negligént manner. Here, in this case, the truck driver had been detained for the rash and negligent driving but if you take a look at the images, it is clear that truck went outside the road to save them while they were in a high speed and could not control their bikes and collided with the truck. Whose mistake is here?    




  1. Dear Sally. I sincerely hope you do not feel that I am intruding at this very sad time, but I felt I needed to write to you. My intention is not to cause any further distress to you or families. I have just returned from South Goa and like any small place word travels fast. Therefore I, along with many other people in South Goa heard of the very sad and tragic accident. Everyone that heard about it reacted in the same way as me, my partner and my friends. We were deeply shocked and saddened and we cried for the loss of 2 young lives in such tragic circumstances. I think I just want you to know that there are so many people in South Goa who did not know Daniel & Hannah or their families, but their thoughts are with them and all of you and will remain so for a long time to come. In the publication of these pictures I just want you to know that they do not reflect the thousands of people in Goa who are thinking of Daniel & Hannah and they do not need or want to see any pictures to remember and think of them and their families. Stay strong and my thoughts are with you xxx

  2. We request that these pictures are removed immediately from publication. Our family is absolutely devastated and these images and comments only add to our pain. Please allow us to grieve in this difficult time.

  3. Daniel was my friend and these graphic photos are innappropriate. Please remove these pictures immediately his family have seen these and they are already going through a horriffic time.

    I urge you to remove the pictures and have some decency and respect

  4. As a member of Hannahs family I would ask the web site to take down these gratuitously offensive pictures and the speculative commentary that proports to be “journalism” , which is merely shoddy voyerism at best .

    As for the viewers of this horror , please remember the family is in absolute anguish and do not need your superflous comments , good or bad .

  5. Although it is easy to blame the lorry driver , and I know they do drive without much care for others , but that goes for most drivers in India.
    However the adult male bike driver clearly contributed to the young ladies demise , by not insuring she was wearing a helmet , or any protective clothing. I feel its very nice to visit these third world countries , but we should not turn back the clock on our safe practices learned over years of accidents in the west, or we risk becoming as stupid as the locals we are so happy to criticise constantly.
    Use your wisdom learnt or perish in the fire of stupidity.


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