Showing Goa as a Sex Tourism Destination on the Social Media, Indian Tourists are Ahead in Line for Seeking Sex In Goa?

Goa has always been displayed as a place for Sex and Drugs in most of the national and international media, and perhaps this is the only reason that Tourists comes with the presumptions of having fun (sex) to this tiny state. Many social media groups on the Facebook have been displaying Goa as a Sex Tourism Destination and Indian (Domestic) Tourists are in the front row for seeking sex in Goa…

Although there are many videos uploaded on the social media about depicting Goa as Sex Tourism Destination but we are going to discuss here one of the recent video shared on the social media with title “Crazy Things People Do In Goa” and the Anchor in this video is seen talking to the tourists about the reason they come to Goa. He rather tries to put the words in their mouth and overexcited Indian tourists seen replying accordingly.

The Anchor starts with two girls (Foreigner tourists) “what gets you to Goa? Beach, Beer or Boys” to which the girls’ replies saying, the Beach, then he continues, “why not boys? the Indian boys are very good” to which two foreigner girls reply saying that they are not interested since they already have boys with them.

The Anchor approaches this time to an Indian Tourist (girl) who straight away says that “Foreigner Nahi Pataya To Kya Pataya” (what is point coming to Goa if not hooked up with a foreigner). This statement not only shows the mentality of Domestic (Indian) tourists (regardless of male or female) coming to Goa with the very high level of expectations (Frustration) of getting hooked to the foreigners.


Another flimsy guy is seen saying that “Mai to Sirf Bandi Ke Liye Aaya, Goa Mein” (I have especially come to Goa for the girls), and undoubtedly he is talking about the foreigners (girls) saying that People have told him that the girls (foreigners) will start coming in October. he further states that he is interested only in “GORI CHAMARI” (The white Skin) which displays the most pathetic way of thinking about the scenario in Goa. 

The conversation continues exhibiting a very high level of frustrations from the Indian Guys and Girls alike. This video shows us what our own countrymen think of Goa. They (girls and guys both) comes to Goa to have a sex and drink, and this image is getting prominently exposed to the world through the means of this videos which have been made viral on the social media by some of the well known online channels.

The Indian (Domestic) tourists come to Goa for Sex and Drink while the foreigners are here to enjoy the beaches. The Indian guy is also seen saying that he has heard of a beach which is around 9km away from Baga where the girls move around naked. This shows what kind of information has been passed on them by the media or the local sources, which gives them more encouragement to explore Goa for Sex.

This guy when told by the Anchor that “Goa Police Bahot Marti Hai” (Goa Police thrashes badly) he says “Goa police Bahot Acchi Hai” (Goa Police is very Good) as if he had already experienced the Goa police too.

At the end of the conversation the Anchor is seen saying “These are all the crazy things people come to Goa for, and why not, Goa is one such place. So, if you have also done such crazy things while your trip to Goa please share with us in the comment box below.” This video clip which had been shared by the Facebook page “Baap of Bakchod” in the month of October had around 65 thousand views and has 100 plus comments which mainly says that Indian Tourists comes to Goa only for THIS (sex??)

We have also embedded the video clip so that you can judge for yourself what we are trying to say here. We would also like to know if such kind of promotion of Goa is acceptable? Please share your views on this serious issue.

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