Two Goans Killed in a Head on Collision at Siolim Goa

Road accidents are on rising in the state with numerous vehicles from the neighboring states entering in Goa on a daily basis and most of them are driven by the drunk drivers. Here, in this case, a Maharashtra bound SUV vehicle collided head-on into the Goa-based Maruti Car resulting in the instant death of Two people from the same family. 

According to the Times of India, Three members of a family from Pernem, Goa, died on the spot early on Sunday morning after a Maharashtra registration SUV rammed into them on the Siolim-Chopdem bridge. The family of 61-year-old Bento Fernandes was headed for the St Anthony feast mass at 6.30am when the incident took place. But the latest development has revealed that only the Father and son died while the mother is in critical condition.     


Angry locals from Morjim gathered at the spot of the accident and burnt down the SUV, while the accused were arrested by the police and taken to the police station.

According to the reports, around six people were travelling in Maruti Car which collided head-on at Siolim – Chopdem Bridge with oncoming Maharashtra bound SUV. The deceased Mr. Bento Fernandes headed for the St. Anthony’s Feast Mass at 6.30 am along with 5 other occupants.

The impact was so severe that The family of 61-year-old Bento Fernandes and their 20-year-old Judas died on the spot, three others are in a serious condition and undergoing treatment at a government hospital. Among those undergoing treatment is Bento’s daughter.     

A 108 ambulance was called by locals to attend to the victims, but paramedics told locals that three occupants of the car had already breathed their last. This angered the gathered crowd, which set fire to the SUV.

Meanwhile, the local MLA Dayanand Sopte and his immediate rival Jit Arolkar reached at the Accident spot to meet the upset locals. 

According to the reports, Maharashtra bound SUV was speeding and it collided with the ill-fated Maruti Car while in the process of overtaking a bus on the small Siolim – Chopdem bridge.   

Anjuna police inspector Navlesh Desai who is handling this case said that Shekhar Dubey from Kalyan-Mumbai who was driving the vehicle responsible for the accident was arrested for rash and negligent driving.

The sources in the village also informed that the driver was under the influence of drugs and other occupants of the vehicle were drunk at the time of the accident. 

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