Tourists have been Lured and Robbed by Pimps in the Name of Sex

A Bunch of Touts and Pimps from outside the state have set up their base in Goa to lure and rob the tourists coming to Goa in a search of their Fantasy. The image of Goa which is being portrayed on some of the online portals as a premier sex destination is becoming the stepping stone for these rogues. Some even offer the Russian girls to every tourist they find on the beach side.     

Even as Goans fight to stop Goa being portrayed as a sex destination, urging the government to tackle rampant prostitution and portals promoting Goa’s sex image, many tourists have been caught up the lure of false promises, often landing up in trouble

As the war escalates against Goa being promoted as a sex destination, Goa Prism has been highlighting this issue through various articles.  In its recent article, ‘Bring Down the Portals Promoting Goa as a Sex Destination’, it had highlighted the case of one website that is openly promoting such an image and services in Goa.

The Aam Admi Aaurat Against Gambling and Anyay Rahit Zindagi had taken this portal to the task, filing a police complaint asking that it be shut.  Besides portals, several agents/pimps have also swamped the state, promising travellers a time of their life.  More often than not, these turn out to be false lures, with the victims often losing money and face. 


In one such incident as narrated on live in World, ‘do you want Russian girl in Goa trip/tour – the real experience’ the author narrates how he had been approached at various places by agents proffering such services during his visit to Goa in 2018.  Russian girls seemed to be the most popular in the state. This, he says, is particularly rampant at the entrance of Fort Aguada. He was approached by agents offering Russian girls, but he declined. He, however, narrates the negative experience of another tourist.

Apparently, two young men were approached in the same manner.  When they agreed, they were asked to pay Rs 3,500 each. They shelled out a total amount of Rs 7000. They were then taken to a shady place, surrounded by men armed with knives. They were asked to go in and meet the girl.

Upon their arrival there, they saw a man being massaged.  It turned out that the amount paid was only for the massage. In the ensuing argument, the agency warned that the room was outfitted with tiny cameras and if they retaliated, they would be stripped and pictures uploaded online.  Cheated and being blackmailed, the men beat a hasty retreat.


In another incident reported in the Times of India, a group of young male tourists from Mumbai came to Goa with the same promise and fantasy. “We were hanging out on a beach when a young boy came and offered us a full body Massage by a female masseuse for 2000.  We bargained for Rs.1500.  We were seven of us.” Instead, all they received were a few tight slaps and punches from a rough-necked fraud massage parlour operator in Mapusa.

With the government being tight-lipped about checking the menace of prostitution in the State, tourists are also being lured into false promises.  And Goa’s portrayal as a sex destination continues to grow, sextortion is another growing danger.

Source: India Today | Youtube

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