The bodies of the tourist couple found hanging on the coconut tree behind Kentucky Restaurant in Colva, under mysterious circumstances. The sources have revealed that there was a fight at night in the nearby locality with the involvement of drugs related matter, and the possibilities of the involvement of that angle, into this unidentified bodies, cannot be ruled out, said the sources.

The police sources in Colva said that the identity of the bodies is not yet revealed and they are doing the investigation in that direction. The act foul play cannot be ruled out but, the police is tight-lipped over the issue at the moment.

The news spread like a fire on a Wednesday morning, following the images of the couple went viral on the social media, including the Facebook and WhatsApp but, nothing much beyond that was made available in the media about the same.

According to the sources, the bodies were hanged with the help of Dupattas (scarf) on the coconut tree at Colva situated behind the Kentucky Restaurant in Colva. The reports further revealed that the couple was staying in the guest house situated in the nearby area.

The dead bodies have been sent to the GMC for the purpose of post-mortem, and preservation. Colva police are doing the investigation in the case.

There are rumors that the death of tourists is linked with the drug paddlers case, and there was a fight in the previous night in that locality. Although police have not yet revealed any such angle in this case, and they are citing this as a case of suicide, except that they do not know the Identities of the couple and the reason behind the suicide.

What do you think? is this a murder or suicide? Please share your honest comments on this issue.



  1. Definitely a murder. Are their hands or mouth tied as in many other cases where police says that it was a suicide and there is no evidence of foul play. They had a fight previous night. The most likely killers are those people with whom they had the fight. Probably the couple was saying something not so respectful to their attackers but they could not kill them due to spectators, but then the attackers got “even” the following night. The Goa culture is macho culture. If you hurt somebody’s honor, you can get killed. The other reason could be robbery. Were their belongings, like cameras, computers and phones in the room, or did they disappear?


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