Oman Air Flight Makes Emergency Landing on Goa Airport with 63 Passengers on Board, due to the Engine Failure

In one of the most shocking incidents that took place in Goa, a famous airline, Oman Air had to do the emergency landing at the Goa Airport with 63 passengers on board, due to the failure in Engine of the aircraft. But with the God’s grace, no untoward incident happened and all the passengers on board are safe, said the sources.

Although there were no casualties, the officials are looking at this incident very seriously, there was a possibility of anything, sources on the airport said. According to the sources, one of the engines of the plane stop function and pilot has to call for an emergency landing.

According to the reports, An Oman Air flight (WY207) with 63 passengers and seven crew members on board had left the Muscat International Airport at 2.45 pm for Goa but on the way before landing the pilot realized the fault in one the engine of an aircraft due to which the Emergency has raised. “The pilot informed the Goa airport about the emergency landing and the flight touched down without incident at 7.40pm,” reported Indian media.

Although there are contradictions between the two media reports which claim the different numbers of the passengers on board. According to the Indian media Hindustan Times, there were 63 passengers on board while, according to the Muscat Daily, there were 58 guests and 7 crew members on board but, regardless of that what is important is the news safe landing despite adversity.

The most surprising thing is, although the incidence of emergency landing took place on a Saturday but the news appeared in the mainstream media only after 24 hours time, which very long for the news media. The reason behind the delay is not known.

Meanwhile, the director of the Goa airport had confirmed the news of emergency landing at the Goa Airport. “There was an emergency landing of Oman Air flight on Saturday. It is a daily flight and one engine had failed. The pilot had informed the ground staff and all measures were in place,” said Goa airport director B C H Negi said.


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