In one of the most shocking revelations made by an eyewitness, in the Tyron Nazareth murder case, in Calangute market, it has been revealed that the murder was done by the gang consisting many, but police arrested only three. It may be recalled that Calangute PI Jivba Dalvi under the guidance of SP North, Karthik Kashyap had managed to crack down the Calangute murder case by arresting three culprits including the prime accused, a 25-year-old history-sheeter, Joseph Sequeira for brutally killing the 52-year-old history sheeter Tyron Nazareth. The deceased Nazareth was in police custody for stabbing the accused Joseph, and he was out on the bail.

According to one of the eyewitnesses, the attack on Nazareth was not done by only three who have been arrested by the Goa Police, but it was the gang consisting of many who killed the history sheeter, Tyron Nazareth. “I am wondering why police arrested only three culprits and not all the gang members, who came here on the night of the crime. Why police did not arrest all the remaining people without whose support this crime would not have taken place,” said one of the eyewitnesses adding that, “I demand the arrest of all the people who were the party to the crime.”

The murder supposes to have taken place due to the earlier enmity and dealings of drugs, said the sources. Meanwhile, one the female friend of a deceased Tyron had narrated the ordeal of the crime to the media. According to an eyewitness Ms. Swati, she was in the Calangute market with her friends on that fateful night when this incident took place, and that she witnessed the entire incident with her now eyes. “On the night of Sao Joao, I was sitting in the Calangute market with my friends when Tyron came there to meet us. Suddenly I saw a group of people coming there and attacked Tyron with swords and choppers,” she said adding that they also threatened to kill her. They butchered him (Tyron) in front of my eyes till he collapsed on the floor.”


Another eyewitness told the media that he saw Joseph coming along with others laced with choppers and sword and he (Joseph) first attacked the eyewitness before killing Tyron. “I saw them coming, and they did not even spare me, after attacking me with sword and choppers they attacked Tyron and killed him brutally here in the market,” he said.

It may be recalled that the history sheeter Tyron Nazareth was attacked by the another history sheeter Joseph Sequeira at Calangute market resulting into the instant death of Tyron. Following the attack, Joseph along with two more went into hiding but Calangute police under the guidance of PI Jivba Dalvi managed to trace the culprits and arrested them from Mollem.

Now if you take a look at this case, the incident had occurred due to the previous enmity and drug related activities, but the statements of the eyewitnesses point out that Tyron was attacked by more than three people, and police did not arrest the rest of culprits. Now the question here is, If the attack was done by more people, then why police did not arrest them as yet? or the eyewitness telling lies? Please do share your views on this issue.


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