A Scuffle between Police, Shack Owner and Local Drug Peddlers, Turned Violent at Arambol, Police Opened Fire in Self Defence, no one was hurt

In one of the most dramatic situations that took place in Arambol, a team of NCB (Narcotics Control Bureau) accompanied by the police officers from Pernem and Mapusa on their mission of Anti Drug Raid, turned upside down, when the local drug pedlars became violent and attacked the NCB officers clad in civil dress. The police had to open fire to bring the situation under control, said the police sources adding that No one was hurt as the bullet was fired in the air…

Firing in the air is allowed to the police, as a sign of warning, to bring the situation under control, but, in case the situation goes out of the hands despite the first alarm, the police has the authority to even shoot the culprits in the self-defense. But, that happens only in the case of extreme situation, like while dealing with terrorists. Here the situation was completely different.   

The drug mafia is not less than any terrorists, as it destroys the entire young generation. But here, in this case, the firing was done in the air to control the attack on the police officers in civil dress. This incident took place on Sunday at Arambol, one of the most beautiful beaches in North Goa.

According to the police reports, a team of NCB along with the Goa police had raided some shacks in Arambol on the tip-off. But, when the drug paddlers saw them in civil dress, they did not realize that it is police and started assaulting them. The NCB officers retaliated but due to the numbers, the situation started going out of the hands, and NCB SP had to fire the round of a bullet, to control the violent mob, said the sources.     

According to the police reports, a team comprising of officials from Narcotics control bureau (NCB) and Goa police raided a shack on the Arambol beach after a tip-off. Three cops were involved in the mission were from the Mapusa police station, and according to the sources, the local police was not informed about the raids.

Meanwhile, the counsel of a shack owner, Adv. Amit Palyekar, made an allegation in the media that the police have assaulted the local people sitting in the shack and lodged a false complaint against them in the police station. He demanded as for why police have conducted the raids in civil dress. “They should have been wearing uniforms. Secondly police cannot assault the public, instead, they should have produced the ID Cards,” Said Adv. Amit adding that the police had fired a shot at people, while police sources have made the claims that they have fired in the air to control the mob. Adv. Palyekar protested the action of police saying the police does not have any rights to enter the private premises without the warrant. “Luckily no one got injured in the firing.” 

Meanwhile the office of Superintendent of Police North has stated that NCB sleuths had not taken any formal permissions from the SP north office, which is mandatory for any sorts of raids to be conducted, citing the violation of procedure, SP (North) has initiated a departmental enquiry under Deputy Superintendent of Police and Sub-Divisional Police Officer (Pernem) and has demanded to know how the Pernem police personnel set out to assist the NCB team without prior and express permission of the concerned SP.

Refuting the allegations made by shack owners NCB officials said that they didn’t assault anyone but, instead, when they were questioning the tourists sitting in the restaurant with a ‘black substance’, the owner of the shack started the arguments with them, and he also called the locals to support him in the scuffle. “Since the NCB sleuths were clad in a civil attire, the locals began in arguing with them. At this point of time, NCB sleuths showed the locals their ID cards but, by the time it was too late, and the mob became violent, and to prevent the situation from going out of the hands, NCB SP Jitendra Ranjan fired a bullet into the air to disperse the crowd,” said the sources in the police.        

It looks like allegations and counter allegations will continue for the long period of time, but, one thing that no-one can deny is, there is no smoke without the fire. Everyone knows that many shacks in North Goa are the dens of drug mafia, but proving this fact is very difficult. Police are doing their duty for the benefits of locals and the locals need to support the police in their initiative instead of attacking them.

Will the people have guts to attack the Drug Mafia? Who will get more affected when the drugs will spread in the bold of their youth? Who will be responsible for it? Should police stop doing their duty after the Today’s incident? Whom do you support and why? Please leave you’re valuable comments and suggestions.


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