Calangute Teacher Booked for Torturing the 9-year-old student in the school, Parent Claimed their kid was subjected to Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment is strictly not allowed in any schools, and the guilty are punishable under the provisions of law, but despite this, many schools still resort to the Corporal Punishments, and in one such case the school teacher has been booked by the Calangute police following the complaint from parent…

We know that all the fingers are not the same, similarly, every student is not intelligent, some pick up the studies very quickly while, others take time, and it is the duty of the teacher to understand this difference and treat each student accordion to their individual grasping capacity. But, not many of them understand this, due to the lack of knowledge. It looks like something similar seems to have happened In this case too.

According to the sources, a 9-year-old student at a primary school in Calangute was subjected to the corporal punishment by the lady teacher of his class. The parent of the kid has alleged that the teacher was torturing their kid for the long period of time and now the situation has arrived in severe physical punishment.

According to the mother of a student, her son was allegedly beaten by the lady teacher on several occasions due to performing poorly in the academics. Police did not disclose the identity of a woman teacher who had allegedly tortured the child in the school, but they have booked her under the Goa Children’s Act.

The mother of a victim has also alleged that her son was subjected to physical as well as mental abuse by the teacher during the examinations on October 7, 2017.  According to the police, the minor boy in his statement has verified the fact “The statement of the minor boy was recorded in the presence of an NGO and his medical examination was also conducted. Police have already summoned the teacher and further investigation is on,” Police Inspector Jivba Dalvi said.


The police have booked the teacher under the section of 323 ((punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) of the IPC and section 8 of the Goa Children’s Act, a police official said. Meanwhile, the news of corporal punishment in Goan primary school have sent the waves of fear amongst the parent of primary section children in the state, and people are objecting the unacceptable behavior of the teacher.

The mother of a minor kid has announced in the media that they had also approached the senior authorities of the school with the complaint but, they have preferred to remain tight-lipped over this issue. The victim’s mother also agreed that her son is a slow learner right from the beginning but the teacher has given him a certificate of mentally unfit which is the injustice on a small child.

“The teacher is now telling that my son is not fit for the studies, but, I want to ask her as for how come he suddenly became unfit? ” she demanded. Meanwhile according to the statement of minor’s mother the chairman of the school also have threatened her saying that Parrikar is his friend.

The parent of the victim is now claiming that the school management is pressuring them to take the complaint back. What do you think about this case? Do you feel that school needs to treat all the students equally? Do you support the Corporal Punishment in the school? Please do share your valuable comments and suggestions on this serious issue.


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