The Sangh controversy comes to an end as the sacked RSS chief Velingkar reinstate himself

The two-day RSS controversy has come to end with sacked RSS chief Velingkar reinstated himself back into the organization on Thursday evening. After the expulsion of RSS chief from the Sangh more than 400 office bearers from all over the Goa and Maharashtra had resigned and that posed a threat to Sangh Parivar. Read the complete story of Velingkar reinstatement here.

[su_expand more_text=”READ MORE” less_text=” ” height=”0″ hide_less=”yes” link_style=”button” link_align=”center”]As reported by the PTI, day after the expulsion of RSS chief Mr. Subhash Velingkar from the Sangh more than 400 volunteers (office bearers) had threatened to resign from the office which turned into the reality the next day but to put to an end the entire drama finally Mr. Velingkar has reinstated himself back to Sangh on Thursday saying that Goa unit would function independently of the parent body on the political issues till the forthcoming assembly polls.

It looks like this understanding had been established between the BJP and its political mentor RSS (the Sangh) to make sure that the differences does not affect the results of the forthcoming elections. It may be recalled that following the sacking of RSS chief in Goa more than 400 volunteers had resigned from the Sangh on Wednesday evening that posed a threat to Sangh Parivar as well as the ruling party in Goa. This resignation came in the backdrop of threat issued by 400 office bearers subsequent to the expulsion of RSS chief by the BJP.

According to the sources, the reinstatement has come with the understanding between RSS and BJP that Sangh will maintain its separate identity without any interference from the political party. “All the district officer-bearers and other RSS workers from the state resigned on Wednesday. So technically, the Goa RSS unit is defunct. As karyakartas, we are reviving the Sangh organisation. Also, we declare that we are no longer a vibhag of the Konkan prant, but a prant in itself,” said Velingkar adding that “Whether the RSS headquarters in Nagpur accepts us or not, we will voluntarily send reports to it, follow its guidelines and hold daily shakhas. However, as far as political issues are concerned, we may consider taking directions from Nagpur only after the 2017 state elections.”

Velingkar was removed from his post due to his consistent support to the BBSM (Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch) that was challenging the BJP government in the state as part of its campaign for making regional languages like Konkani and Marathi the medium of instruction in schools. They had even shown black flags to the BJP chief Amit Shah during a recent visit to the state. He said today that he and his supporters would back the BBSM in the 2017 polls. “There is no going back on our decision, we will support BBSM in the 2017 elections,” he said.


Mr. Velingkar challenged the BJP saying that political party must not forget that RSS is their mentor and not vice a versa. “The BJP must learn that it was born out of the RSS, and not vice versa. In the 2012 elections, the Congress was ousted as it did not give any commitment on the medium of instruction issue. In 2017, the BJP will learn why it must not take the Sangh for granted,” he said, claiming that over 10,000 RSS workers in the state support the BBSM’s demand.

When media asked Mr. Velingkar whether he would be contesting the forthcoming polls he refuted saying that he would not contest the polls while alleging that former CM and present defence minister Manohar Parrikar and Nitin Gadkari were instrumental in his expulsion from Sangh. “Parrikar and Gadkari are powerful at the Centre. They have (been) strongly lobbying there… They must have wrongly fed the RSS high command,” he told to the PTI.

Source: PTI


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