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Rajesh Ghadge is the Founder of Goa Prism Digital Media Company which consists of an online portal and digital magazine. Rajesh is from the media background and for him his work is his passion. According to him "Consistent development (self and work) is the way to success" and he keeps practicing what he preaches.

Rajesh Ghadge

Why Goans are Banned from Entering Casinos

Casinos add to the revenue generated in Goa and have boosted tourism here with many domestic visitors coming here to gamble. The coastal state has emerged as a leading casino tourism destination and the gradual rise in the casino industry in Goa has coincided with an increase in tourist footfalls. Today there are total 14 casinos in Goa which includes six offshore and eight onshore casinos and as of the 1st February 2020, Goans are banned from entering all the 14 casinos. This has been a plan that has been in the making since last year. In this article, we’ll see whose idea it was, why it failed before and why now the ban has been implemented.

Why ban only import of Fish from neighbouring states, why not ban the export too?

Two things in Goa are considered to be the best – Fish and Fenny (Liquor). Tourists from all over the world come to Goa to consume its fresh fish and pure liquor but with time the situation has completely turned around. Now the people of Goa wait for the fish from the neighboring states as the fish from the state gets consumed in exports. The politicians are playing the game with the import of fish into the state but no one speaks about restricting the export of fish from Goa. 

Goan Villages are losing their beauty due to increase in Luxury Hotels 

The tourism sector is booming and thus the need for more hotels to cater to the increase in demand has risen. But the luxury hotels are taking a toll on Goa’s ecosystem. Compared to the small boutique hotels, luxury hotels demand more land and resources. According to the people of Goa, these hotels are causing the Goan villages to lose their charm.         

Will The Discontent in BJP Lead to Defeat of the Party in the state? 

Following the absence of Mr. Parrikar in the day to day political affairs, the loyal BJP workers are developing a high level of discontent within the party. And, to top this, the recent induction of two Congress MLAs into the party has lead to chaos in the party. The former CM of Goa and a loyal BJP worker Mr. Laxmikant Parsekar came out in the public against the induction of Sopte from Mandrem constituency and according to the sources, he has decided to contest the election from Mandrem in the forthcoming by polls. 

Parrikar dropping two ailing Ministers while retaining his position creates discontent in the party fellas

Finally, Mr. Parrikar dropped two of his ailing cabinet ministers paving the way for two new MLAs who took over the positions vacated by Francis D’souza and Pandurang Madkaikar. Although Mr. Parrikar did not give up his position as CM despite his poor medical condition. The removal of two of its so-called loyal MLAs from their respective positions has sent the surge of shock within the party. The Urban development minister Francis D’souza told the media that His removal from the cabinet is a Reward for his 20-year long loyalty.     


While Congress Is Busy Challenging BJP for the Floor Test, Two Of their MLAs Have Decided to Travel Abroad. The game of politics is becoming more interesting in the state as Congress party leaders are challenging the BJP to face the floor test while two of their legislators have gone abroad. According to reports, two of the Congress legislators, Jenifer Monseratte and Felipe Neri Rodrigues have left for China and Europe respectively amidst political uncertainty in the state. Does this mean something fishy or is it a usual trip? Speculations seem to have no boundaries.

Goa Dairy High Level Corruption Exposed – Who is Responsible for This?

Corruption in the government departments is not new in our country and Goa is not left behind in it. There are many stories of corruption, right from the Police Departments to the Judiciary, that had been exposed in the past by the media, and now it is the turn of Goa Dairy. According to reports, the Managing Director of Goa Dairy had been relieved from his duties and kept under suspension. The administrator appointed by the government has been authorised to terminate the MD Dr N C Sawant for the irregularities and corrupt practices. How come such big level corruption took place in GD and who is responsible for this? Let us take a look at the detailed report here.

Distant Dream of a Goan Youth Comes to an End in Saudi Arabia When He Finds Himself Working at Camel Herder

Many Goans Migrate to UAE and UK in search of brighter career options. The entire goal of leaving their home behind is to get better opportunities abroad. Unfortunately, all of them do not achieve success in their endeavors. The story of this Goan Village boy seems to be something similar. He went abroad to earn some decent money by getting the job of a driver but to his surprise, he landed into the desert, 300 km away from the capital city of Saudi Arabia, and found himself working as a camel herder.

IT Hub Set Up In State but Taxi App Developed In Pune

The headline may sound weird to some and others may find it offending but this is the truth and no one can deny it. Despite Goa having an IT hub, the app meant for the state was outsourced by the tourism department to Pune. The Goa IT Hub was set up considering the potential of Goans and availability of skilled manpower to handle the development of software industry in the state. Do we really have the potential for the IT industry in Goa? Is there availability of skilled manpower in the state to handle the IT industry? If there is, can’t they develop an App which can benefit the state from within the state and keep the funds within? Do the representatives elected by us have any foresight? Let us take a look at the above issue in the article.

Goa Without CM Running on CAC, Is that Violation of The Indian Constitution?

Politics is a subject that even a layman is well versed in, but that is what everyone thinks and hence wants to debate on the prevailing situation in India. What is right and what is wrong, we all seem to know well and the politicians become the targets of our calculations. Goa is running without a Chief Minister for the past month and it may continue to be that way for a while. Is this condition is as per the provisions of the constitution? Let us take a look at the same in this article.

Land Grabbing Mafia of Goa – Goan Politicians on the Forefront of Illegal Land Conversion?

Land conversion and land mafias are a part and parcel of Indian politics, there seldom would be any state in India which does not have politicians who are not connected directly or indirectly with land Mafias. Goa has been different compared to most states in India but with time, things are changing here too and Goan politicians are also becoming land sharks. A report recently published by a well known local daily in Goa has alleged that 14 top politicians in the state have converted a huge amount of scarce land under the controversial Regional Plan 2021, here is the report. 


No relationship can sustain for long unless it is based on the trust, understanding, and compassion. All the marriages are not successful, but most of the marriages survive due to the feeling of responsibility towards each other. The case of Tanuja Naik, who was strangulated to death by her own husband, is one of the rarest examples of the paralyzed faith, and such kind of incidents are very rare in the state of Goa. 

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